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A citizen is a legal and legitimate member of a particular place, he own is alligience to that place and in turn his/her life must be safeguard by the leaders of the such place. This is that citizen has some rights that are to benefit them from the government of their country and in turn they’re to abide by some rules and regulations laid down by government of such country. 

Citizens are not slave because in the mordern world, both the ruler and the followers have equal right compare to the ancient tyranny system of ruling. Democracy has come in to assure the right of every citizens inhabiting a geographical entity, it has make things easy to the 

extent that it is a form of government that will only speak in view of the mass and not on its own view.


  • Naturalization 
  • Descent (Through ones grandparents) 

7 ( seven) obligations/duties of a good citizen 

  1. Law Abiding : one of the great duties that a man could ever done to put more the reputation of his country is to be law abiding, when one abides to the rules and regulation guarding a particular place then in turn the government of the state could protect the fellow’s right, just because only togetherness could uplift a country, and to start, one has to be law abiding. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse,  one’s it is law its law, everyone including the implementors are all subject to it. 
  2. Loyalty : every citizens must be loyal to his/her country, a good citizen will not be of the type that does not seek the possible future for the country, he will rather be loyal to things at hand other than destroy them. 
  3. Payment of tax : this is one of the ways to generate revenue for the country, payment of tax serve as a revenue generation system for the government in order to construct road, embark on projects and lot more, a good citizen will always pay their tax when it is due to. 
  4. Assisting law implementors groups : a good citizen of a country will always try in helping before the arrival of law agencies or help them. In all, depending on how the case may be, a loyal citizen will always help notify the police when any crime scene is happening or maybe a fire outbreak,  anyway it come,  the thing is one of the best ways to help the country as one’s duties is for every citizen to work in hand with government and don’t  take laws to your hand. 
  5. Care for public amenities/property : a good citizen will belief that the image and property that makes the country should be in protection, they help on protecting the property of the public like filling pot-holl on wide roads in other not to cause accident, protecting public gadgets and all. 
  6. Respect for the national anthem: a good citizen will always be loyal to the country while paying respect to the nation progenitors and uplifting the image of the country, he/she stand at attention whenever the national anthem is being sung or played as a mark of respect to the nation’s dignity. 
  7. Stays away from harmful deeds : it is an obligation for every citizens to be peace keeping, and avoid destructive deeds like arson in election or war arguments in the street and many more, concord and orderly progress of the country,  to ever off things that might in one way or the other leads to chaos or bloodshed, war and death. 

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