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Have you checked out the newly produced gadget, smart phone to be precised from infinix.It features and every function it processes are topnotch.The camera,Durability,design,battery,network and space both RAM and ROM.

Over the years ,infinix has been one of the best company that produces smartphones that are quality.With their affordable prices and aforementioned features,that have been the major reasons they are popular home and abroad till date


Memory space:The combination of it ROM and RAM is 128gb and 4gb respectively. The large Space gives the opportunity to download anything of one’s choice without being panic of the space getting filled up anytime soon.This tremendously improves the speed and performance of the device across distinct usage.

Camera: The camera is as clear as crystal and it gives you a special joy to snap everyday and to go online for a video call. It has 13mp+ Portrait, Al dual camera,+8mp selfie 8mp Front cameral.

Dual sim/speaker: It uses two sim,which enables user to insert his/her choice of sim but the most preferred kind of Sim is NANO.The speaker being dual makes sound from it boom and loud.whether it’s sound from music,movie or call.

Battery capacity:The smartphone battery is an inbuilt or non-removable, it is produced out of high quality materials.Its battery capacity is 5000mAh with a fully optimized 8w.It is fast charge to power a user from dusk to dawn ,approximately four days battery life.

Network:The smartphone uses a smart network which makes browsing faster and chilling.User could switch to the best type of network that suit your Sim card ,ranging from 2g – 4g.No delay in gaming reaction,downloading movie and faster response.

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Durability and Design:Infinix hot 12 is the latest smartphone from the company.It durability is well preferred ,while it designs are unfadeable .It has flat edge and 6.82 inches long which makes it comfortable and holdable in the hand.


It’s available world wide, in stores and slots.You can also order from online stores like Jumia,Kong a,Jiji and Shopify . For as low as 89,000 and it comes with distinct accessories like charger,hands free and fansy transparent pouch.

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