What is reward? and what you need to know

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Reward simply means what one get as a result of doing something. Although the best intent get most reward and vice versa, to be frank life could be other way round where even the most pure intent is mistaken or ignore, but one thing is constant, the mind of people or thing one is doing such good to knows and at a point will be appreciated. Negative intent does not only get such evil reward around the person alone but even people around the person or thing that committed such act. For example, someone one’s bitten by a rabid dog will no in way see dog and not want to stone it, so as in person also, if someone breach a duty of care (trust put in someone) it does not only make the offended hate the person alone even it could go as worse to hating people from such person tribe and family member. The opposite is the case with right intent, the reward does not stop at you but also making the world better. The reward of one’s duty is the power to fulfil another.


1. Of every seed planted, there is a day of harvest. Good produces goodness, greed produces self destruction, darkness breeds darkness, folly breeds foolishness, truth breeds truth, light breeds light, procrastination breeds poverty, hate breeds bitterness, love breeds love and discipline breeds success. Don’t be deceived, whatever a man sows, he shall reap. The Lord instructs.

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2. A seed, when nurtured, grows to become a big tree and bears such fruit as meekness, love, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. The secret of finding true peace and meaning for our lives is through total obedience to godly instructions. The Lord guides.

3. Think of the type of seed you are sowing and keep in mind they all will yield fruits, The man whom you release today may tomorrow also be of help to you. Only God is enough.

4. You obey and allow God to bother about the outcome. The reward of obeying Him is endless. The actual cost of disobedience is unquantifiable. The scars of disobedience are huge. Only Him who demands obedience can heal. Trust and obey the Lord only.

5. Whatever we do, whatever we say, whatever acts we commit to earth, there is a day of reckoning. Good acts will bring happy rewards. Bad acts will bring pain and regret.

6. To everything, there is a season. Our life is made up of two folds: action time and reward time. We must be ready for the day of reward; therefore, let us act with caution and in fear of Him who created all.

7. When we run a good race, we should be happy to get a reward. When we run a bad race, reward is also inevitable, but may not come as we expect. Therefore, let us run a good race to get a happy reward. The Lord guides.


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