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Political party can be defined as set of people or group that rise together with the same political  ideology and opinion and working together with a sole aim of controlling government through a constitutional means into political positions.

Political party varies according to the acceptance of each country electoral commission which derives its power from the constitution, the electoral commission of each country serves as the only body who can legally registered the amount of political party that will contest in an election, they serve as the one through body that charges fee for registration of party and so on.

In countries like Britain, there is the existence of only two political party, the first is the Labour party and the second is Conservative party. This two party are the two legally recognized by the law of their land, before one can vote or probably want to join or also take part in the electoral process, one has to belong to one of this party because it is the two main legally recognized, though others may exist but might not be back up by the law and for such they serve as affiliate to the main parties.

As one could deduce from the issue of Britain one could see clearly that is a two party country compare to countries like Nigeria where multi-party system existed, as at the Nigerian last election in 2015 the total number of political party registered was over 53, though there are two major leading party that has gain more ground of which are the APC ( all progressive congress ) and PDP ( people’s democratic party)

  • THE EXISTENCE OF MANIFESTO : a manifesto is a document or a book, pamphlet showing the political plans and programme which will favor the people by the time they (the political party assumes seat), the plan is set in such that entice the people to think of voting for that political party, though the main aim of the book is for the political party to convince the people of a country to its side. 
  • ACCOUNTABILITY  : every political party always want to prove it that they are accountable to the electorate I. E by the time they get to office they will be subject to people’s opinion and view which is a system of being fair in administration and not just be secretive about the plans to be carried out. 
  • GAINING CONTROL OF GOVERNMENT : gaining control of power is one of the main aims of every political party, political party compare to others groups who might have different aims are clearly separated and has there main objective has winning elections and taking over government through a constitutional means. 
  • MEMBERSHIP INTEREST : so far the interest of every political party is to win the election in a country so as the interest of there member will be getting seat across the country and this is one thing  political party take note of, they make sure they care for there members interest and support him until he either assume the seat or vise versa. 
  1. PROMOTE PEOPLE’S INTEREST : With political parties rallies, campaign and all sort of drumming here and there enticing and wooing people, this are things that promote people’s interest in politics.
  2. EDUCATION OF ELECTORATE : political party establish conference, meetings, occasions and sittings on the basis of giving people I. E the electorate understanding of their right and how their vote can as well move the nation to an highly elevated position in the globe.
  3. FORUM FOR NATIONAL UNITY : A party is made of people from different ethnic, religious, and professional groups. The party serves as a unifying factor. They have the same interest, goal, aspirations, intentions forgetting their backgrounds.
  4. THE BRIDGE THAT CONNECT THE ELECTORATE TO THEIR LEADERS : They serves as link between people of a country and the government of that country, so far every candidate who assumed political seat is either from one party or the other, even if he is not good in his administration, the people can through is political party blame him and ask them to know what possible sanctions they should give him/her.
  5. HELP ENSURE POLITICAL STABILITY : They help to ensure political stability in the country I.e the emergence of war, ethnicity, tribalism that mount big tension in everyone heart in a country is being put to rest and by presenting candidates that are capable and experienced enough to rule the country effectively.

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