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What is library? 

Library is a building where book and non book Materials are kept for the purpose of the readers and users.


A library is also a repository where researches carried out, leaning, academics and other recreational materials are kept. It
is a building or abode that makes books and non book materials available for the readers, for the purpose of relaxation.
With the modernity in the new age which herald in ICT into the library system as make it has a look of information seeking/resources  center, in addition to its functions to be the repository of knowledge and heart of all academic Institute, the library is not to be profit oriented but just to create services to the masses, library offers a lot of social activities to the masses, hence library is a place where traditional sayings and referencing materials are kept for to keep culture and traditions of a particular society alive.
Library to me is the storehouse where knowledge responsible for collecting, organizing, storing and disseminating information and information carrying media.
The library includes where journalists works are kept, every daily newspaper will not just vanish as it is consumed a day but kept in the library for reference sake and so is to magazines, filmstrip, video tapes, audio tapes, microphones, study kit, atlas that is the combination of maps, and other compass materials etc
Library gives our the information of man right from the genesis of creation and the prediction of the nearest futures by philosophers and scholars. It is a place that science, literature, philosophy, religion, anything and everything that is known and to be known are kept.

Library are created for different purposes, library to some academics is where you get academical materials, and while to another person is for purpose of keeping one materials for later use.


Types and categories of libraries varies from one organization to another, academic libraries are differ from public library or state libraries especially. E. T.C

  • Public library : public library is the kind of library that has a lot of materials from all aspect of knowledge and philosophies, it gives the commencement of knowledge to people with better initiatives, it is a library built to attend to the need of the generality of the public., from school children to policemen to public servant to civil servant to headmaster a decision so on and so forth, the materials which is suitable for both the young, the old and adult could be find in this library, most local government have this public library apart from those they support in primary and secondary schools.
  • Academic and research library: this are libraries that are establish with the aim of to support and teaching, learning and research in universities, polytechnics, and other higher institutions in addition to research institutes. This kind of library encompass materials of higher research and valuable content and concept, mind you it is also useful for the general society at large.
  • School and college library : this is school and college library mainly here we are talking about high school and secondary schools, this encompass a lot of curriculum that is schemed to be use generally by the school, they collect materials that support in primary and secondary.
  • Special libraries: they are reserved for spicific pupose. Generally libraries abode the collection of good records that teaches lessons in one way or the other but special library are prison library, organization library, individual library and so on.
  1. To get reference 
  2. Open access materials 
  3. To get the link that could help for another thing
  4. Where book materials of age are kept which will one day turn to an history to tell
  5. It is always easy to access, once one have been oriented about it
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