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Integrity as many people will say is dignity, but let’s reason good is that so, integrity in another way by some other people is said to be as what kept you out as distinct from  other that you inhabit a society with. The level of integrity matters most human life, you acquire integrity not to be approached witty and take for an absurd manner.

The origin of integrity is ‘integritas’ and ‘integra’ which simply means a ‘whole’, it is the quality of possessing high moral standard and steadfastly adhering to principles, let move further to say that integrity is the strict a a sound principle in dealing with  any situation.
A brief summary of whom a someone of integrity is that a man who stand firm and firm only on what he or she is about to do or belief in, a man of integrity is not gullible nor fake in nature, someone who has integrity controls through their charisma and not necessarily acquiring it through the use of force. Integrity in itself beliefs in the people that has him, integrity is not giving way out to a simple situation but stands firm to state out the source of the problem, the proper analysis fix to it and make the necessary arrangement steps of solution.
1. Contentment : contentment simply means the satisfaction you derived from the present situation and in all way optimist about what is about to come which gives you pleasure, integrity makes a man to be very contended and satisfied with what currently is at hand or in pocket.
2. Probity : this can be said to be the total moral soundness  someone acquire through sound moral character and good do’s and does of the fellow . a man of integrity will not be found in any shady or in any dubious business , he tries to keep is integrity by not allowing any erroneous error that can damage his/her reputation to happen to him. This kind of fellow is never rat-race to make money.
3. Truthfulness:  truthfulness is the amount of trust put in someone or something on one issue or things, truth is one of the things people  wants you to give them even though sometimes they pretend not to have interest in it, but has a person who wants to acquire in all ways, one has to show sign of being trustworthy enough by you to others, the race of life is not ending in that spot you just spoke the truth but it will range as long as possible to the benefit of not only your  family most time but into your generation as whole.
4. Fair-play : a man of integrity never shows pride in is charisma i.e never believe he is superior to anyone, he shows loyalty and concern for his other people to get not only their attention but to also be in their shoe, as it is said in the popular palace that one of the Golding rules of life is that “do unto others, as you want others to do to you”. A man of integrity will finds it difficult to behave in such a way others will fell cheated.
5. Non-compromise of principle : it is very rear you call someone man of integrity and still found wanting in the aspect of being trustworthy , honest, fair-play and so on. They don’t  pervert justice nor favors the wrong course of action.


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