What is Industrial revolution? What to know

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Industrilization is the period of social and economical change that transform a human group from agrarian society into an industrial one. It is a part of wider modernization process, where social and economical development are closely related

with technological innovation, particularly with the development of large scale energy and metallurgy production.
        Factories created a new production system that was not home-base, but rather large-scale. For this, the industry needed a mass amount of employees at low cost. The only way that this could be accomplished was hiring women to work on factories. Not only did hiring women affect their position in society and in the family structure, but also families. Also women work in factory and other places of business opened up a plethora of new problems and issues concerning equality among sexes, wages and worker’s right.         During industrialization women transcended as home-based workers to demonstrating their skill and ability in job outside the home.

Industrialization, women and family structure     

Sociologist are interested to examine the relationship between family and industrialization therefore study how industrialization affects the family and their structure. This made the concept expose the changes in the status of women in the society. The socioeconomic status of women change in industrialize society but brought the destabilization of family members because it paved the way for women to acquire as opposed ascribed status.

   Similarly, the arrival of industrialization has led to a shift from mainly extended to nuclear family. Although there were many good outcome that came from industrialization, such as increased employment opportunities for women that affect women status, families lives, women were gaining importance within the society which led to woman emancipation, the age of marriage began to rise (reduction in child marriage) and more money were being brought into the family, women were agitating of having sound education to compete with men so as to erase the traditional notion of making up omen full house wife and kitchen worker only. There were many negative aspects to rebut these effects. Women were also many negative aspect to rebut this effects. Women were cut within vicious circle within the society. Separate sphere ideology was seen as an excuse to pay women less, seeing as this ideology stated that women and men both have their places in society and that a woman place is in the home. Their wages were kept low because their husbands provided help for them and in turn their low wages kept them dependent on their husband. Men also became displeased with women as wages-earners.     


     Similarly, women’s felt morally bound to join the work force because of family obligation and also to change their traditional women’s role. Women’s role within the workforce did not change drastically because of industrialization. Therefore industrialization created new opportunities that would help women realized that they were capable of more than just a housework or care-giving. 

   Industrialization created social awareness that enables women not only able to fight for better working right or wages, but also equality (women emancipation and gender equity) women was once only seen as providers. Men and now could occupy the same role within family structures and now gain credentials that would enable them to fight for their demands, such as divorce and child custody and other rights that should have been theirs from the start. 

   Women differ from both biologically and in the role they have played throughout history; industrializations affected them uniquely, just as their participation in the industrial process was distinctive. However industrialization affected women most profoundly through separation of work and home. Facing a conflict between their family obligations and their ability to earn money, women ultimately altered their occupation choices, experience a fundamental fundamental Reformation of their attitude about work and gradually developed a characteristid females work pattern.

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