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Housing including many different types of shelters in which people live. The family required good house in. Location of the family house is very important. Choosing a house that meets the needs of the family is very important. Different factors influence the location and choice of family housing.


1. MUD HOUSES : mud houses are bound in different part of the country. They are commonly found in rural areas. In some area code is used just for the walls, you know that mould is used for both walls and roof. Mud houses often :

  • Have shallow foundations.
  • Are not suitable for low lying ground, or riverine areas. These are areas that are easily flooded.
  • Are usually cool in hot dry season and warm during the cold season.
2. BAMBOO HOUSES : this house is constructed on top of stilts standing in water with thached rules. Bamboo houses are very common in riverine area. They are light.
3. MODERN HOUSES : these are words that are constructed with concrete or burnt brick blocks. They are built with corrugated sheet or cement tiles or added roofing sheet or bed stores cheating or other suitable materials. Flaws of modern houses can be of concrete, wood, vinyl tiles, errors, and so on these houses often have good doors and windows for ventilation.
These I think has help you know about types of houses and what they look like most especially, house building style varies by country,  geography and some other factors.
The way houses are built in most African countries are quite different from the way European people will structure their houses I.e the brick style in many in European country like France, Britain,  Scotland,  whales and so on and the Brick and plank house are common in North America like United state of America,  Mexico and others while hut house might still be common within some Nilotic Africans in the East.
In conclusion, building house varies by taste,choice or what you actually think is best for you, because you don’t want to start living in your house cause someone else believes the structure is the best No!, Is better you sit with your partner then discuss what is best for you, are you getting a wooden house, a camp like form or what? yunno,  I feel you guys will reach the best conclusion whatsoever.
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