What is government? (Function of government)

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Government is said to be the machinery set up by the state (people) to see to the state affair, make and implement decisions for proper administration to reign, government is seen as the body who represents the people of a particular country in any segment of the world, the atachees,

ambassadors are all part of government who represents a country in another country, without government there won’t be anything like sovereignty, because sovereignty in a state resides in the hand of government.

Government has been a recognize and legitimate tools used by the state to implement its policies and programs, a kind of government who comes into post through popular acceptance and recognition is called legitimate but reversal is the case with one who comes in through violent mean I. e coup which is illegitimate.

The main two system of government that rules the world is either democracy or military system of government, the latter is seen has a tyranny and cruel system of administration whereby the government has power over most of the things happening in the society, even some arms of government are created to favor of them, the likes of judiciary in military systems of government, the press also is always on censor in military but the former which is democracy is seen has the modern rule of the world I.e a system of government whereby the people of a particular society chooses their own representatives by themself with a fixed term in the office.

Democracy as a system of government has really brings the effective mean and favorable disposition towards government decision.

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  1. Provide social amenities : the construction of roads and the bridges, public schools to aid education and to remove ignorance from the society at large is one of the task the government has to do, the provision of social amenities by government if a state makes that kind of government acceptable and popularly recognize internally and externally due to its good deeds.
  2. To make law: this is one of the primary aim of every government, to make law is to maintain the state in a proper form, as it is popularly known that “a state with no law is a state with no sin” I.e when there is no law in a state then if someone kills a fellow like him then there is no judgement for that, the government has come in to make law for the society to feel secure and know the tenet of the law. The arm of government that make law is the legislative arm.
  3. To implement policies : this is done by the executive in a state, the executive arm of government serve as the implementors of the law made by the legislature, the head of the executive in a state is always the president of that state, the police, soldiers and all forces are all executive which ensure that the laws made by the legislature is implemented.
  4. To interpret law: this is the third stage and the judiciary arm deals with the judges, bench if lawyers headed by the chief justice of that particular state, the judiciary arm are the one to see to cases brought to court, they interpret the case to the basement and tenet of the constitution and judge such case with the provisions of the constitution.
  5. Security and protection of citizens life: the protection of citizens life is one of the big functions of government, if there is no citizen in the country then that can’t be call a country, so for people reside in a country and it is natural for cause to happen like house burning, cleaning of gutter not to cause cholera, government employ some set of citizen to see to all this, another is the police who sees to the maintenance of orders and protection of peoples life from the hand of nightmen.
  6. See to the country economy : the economy of a state is administered by the government of that state, government involve in large scale bussiness, faming, exploiting natural resources and making economy stable, the life wire of the economy is in the government hand, and it determines what to produce who to produce and how to produce.
  7. Maintenance of external relations– the maintenance of external relation is done by the government, the representation of ambassadors and attachees in another country is the work of government  towards foreign policy.


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