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The family is the basic unit of any society. The family is therefore very important in every nation. Everyone belongs to a family. Every family member has definite role to play. You, as a family member, have some roles to play. It is very important that you understand these roles. The understanding will help you become a good contributing family member. It will also enable you relate better with other family members. As a family member, you should also be able to take good care of your own. Values are also important in the family living.

There are different type of family. Family members are related to each other in different ways. There are various form of relationship in the family. This relationship can be defined as a family functions. The family as a group perform some roles in the society while each member has definite road to perform in the family. Family values are also very important for many reasons

MEANING OF FAMILY : a family is a group of person who live together under united ties of  marriage, blood or adoption. Family members each other’s kin.



  1. THE NUCLEAR FAMILY : This is made up of a man, his wife and their children. It is also sometimes called a monogamous family because it arises from one man and one wife only.
  2. POLYGAMOUS FAMILY : Is made up of a man, his wives and their several children. In a polygamous family in man is legally married to more than one wife.
  3. EXTENDED FAMILY : this is the type of family which is made up of husband, his wife or wives, their children and include other relation like uncle, aunty, cousin, grandparents, wives of sons and their children etc. The oldest member become the head of the extended family. This type is common in nigeria
  4. In the different type of family, members relate to each other in special ways. The relationship pattern can be called kinship pattern. A family tree is a graph or diagram that show the kinship pattern of a family. It shows how family members relate to each other.


  • He is the head of the family
  • He is the family breadwinner. He works and earn money for the family.
  • He provides for the family needs such as shelter houses, food, clothing, school fees, and so on
  • The disciplines the family members.
  • He act as a model for his children by showing them good example.
  • A perform is civil responsibility. This and responsibilities to the society, such as, painters, obeying the law.
  • She bears the children.
  • She prepares food for the family.
  • Take care of the simple needs of the family.
  • She helped the husband in teaching their children the culture of society.
  • She act as a model for a daughter by showing them good examples.
  • She loves and care for all the members of the family.
  • Respect and obedience and other adults in the society.
  • Help with household work, for example cleaning the house, washing plates, caring for younger ones, fetching water.
  • What with parent on the farm where such exist or in other activities.
  • Learn the culture of the society and love themselves and their parents.
  • They carry the name of the family.
The wall family, the father, the mother and children must always try to co-operate and work as a strong team. The father is the leader. They should support each other and contribute to build a happy family. There should also be a good citizens.
 value means the words or merit of an item. Values our belief, feelings and idea about what is important. Are based on ideas about what is right, good, and desirable. Value can be positive or negative. Example of positive value are : freedom, courtesy, good health, orderliness, friendship, legends, love, patience, respect, tolerance, compassion, fairness, trust, honesty, responsibility, education, comfort, companionship, and so on and so forth.
Examples of negative values are: dishonesty, nv, force road, selfishness, corruption, and so on and so forth. Values cannot be seen. They are shown through actions.
VALUE SYSTEM : this is a set of values that a person has.
FAMILY VALUES : these are beliefs, feelings and idea about what is important to a family. Based on its values, a family has a virtual system. Family virtual could be honesty, uprightness, respect for human dignity, hard work, compassion, education or moral standing, love, respect for elders, hi sense of responsibility, trustworthiness, and so on and so forth
In strong value system can be a useful tool to a family in many ways. Some of the ways are:
  • It helps family make decisions.
  • It provide motivation for action.
  • It control behaviours.
  • It provides confidential and strength.
  • It helps you to consider other people.
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