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Discipline could mean a lot of thing to different set of people, by this we mean some had supposed it to mean total diligent or meticulousness as it relate to work or business, to some some he could mean that you get along with the people of your environment, make people feel at home but still you really value your reputation, more like an attach and detached form of relationship with the environment and if you’d asked other set of people they could believe it to mean just showing right attitude like greeting, holding on one religion, not poke-nosing into other people religion.

A Summed up definition of Discipline should be an act or a way of life or method of training one’s self or controlling one’s behaviors and attitude. it is also an act that is of great value to man. it is supposed to be virtue and not in anyway vice. It is a positive trait because a discipline person, as a result of controlling his behavior, will see himself or herself abiding by societal rules and regulation.


  1. SELF CONTROL : A discipline person has self control as to anything they get themselves into, by this we mean that a discipline person has control over greed, self interest and all other thing that could seems deriving more or getting more and doing less, self control means that the person or such person being address remain calm and not show his motions, even though, he is feeling angry or exited. A disciplined person always has the ability to control himself or herself.
  2. MODERATION : To be moderate is to be focus and sight centered or exact as to stance, a moderate person doesn’t think more of themselves. Moderation is the quality of being reasonable and not being extreme. a disciplined person is always moderate. He would not be seen as being too hot or cold, and as even suppose from the bible, the not too cold not too hot are those that will be spilled out.
  3. MODESTY : Modesty is a virtue. It means not talking much about your ability or possession. A modest person is always moderate in all that he or she undertakes. modesty is an important attribute associated with discipline because a disciplined person will also be modest.
  4. RESPECT FOR LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY : Respect for legitimate authority is an act of obeying or being in accordance with any civil law without rebelling to the authority that has unanimously agreed as the legitimate function executors of the country. Legitimacy is the acceptability and recognition of a leader by people of a particular country and such must have been concluded to be in accordance with law of the land. one who is disciplined will have that great respect for constituted authority constituted by people who has mandate of the people. Legitimate authority refers to the people in power, who have rights to give orders to people, as allowed and accepted by the laws of the land. A disciplined person always respects legitimate/constituted authority. Such person obeys the leaders and those that rule over him or her and other citizens.
  5. RESPECT FOR RULE AND REGULATION : There is an amount of discipline you find with with one who has respect for rules and regulations. There is popular literary saying  that “where there is no rule, there is no offence”, people that commit offences have no respect for the rules and regulations of the society . However, a disciplined person always has respect for rules and regulations.
  6. Among other things are also PERSEVERANCE, PUNCTUALITY, DEDICATION.
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