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People handle situation or condition in different ways and most time, human feeling depends on what actually triggers his or her problem. According to Cambridge English Dictionary,depression can be seen as the period of unhappiness,hardheartedness, melancholiness,sadness,loneliness and low-morale which last longer than several weeks and may include ;ideation,self-inflicted injury,broken heart or suicide.

Psychologically,depression is a group of conditions associated with raising or lowering of a person’s mood accompany by loss of interest in activities,mood swing,which causes significant impairment in daily life.


Having known the meaning of depression, it is also necessary to know why people get depressed even when they are looking good and better.Some even go to the extent of putting smile on other people’s face while they have issues underneath them.

  1. Financial instability: Being unstable financially causes a lot of people to be depressed.In the world we live in,money solves 60%-80% percentage of life issues,which means everyone needs money to Carter for responsibilities.For instance, a father need funds to carter for the family while the  grown up children need money to set up business or build their immediate families.
  2. Stressful life scenario:Life and its stress comes with an outcome of depression which happens in diverse of ways .In that ,one get totally frustrated and can’t think positively about how to overcome what had happened. For instance, a woman whom her husband kicked the bucket in a month ago get sacked for not being active at work.Meanwhile, it was  because of her husband death .On her way home ,she was trying to figure out things and unfortunately,she got a phone call from her daughter’s school that she fainted not quite long and not up still.Such a person will be confused on what to do and at the same time can never be stable because of the scenario.50% of people in these shoes committ suicide, because they find life stressful already.
  3. Genes:It funny and actually not, how depression runs and inherited in some families.Actually, it is not everyone that has family with depression will get depressed.because, some came from vibrant and lively family and still get depressed.
  4. Failure:I could remember some years back when i encouraged a friend,because she got depressed over a failed examination.I asked why are you  depress over a failed examination?She replied by saying ,my sleepless night of burning candles, my parents struggled money,my mate being ahead of me and the promise I gave my parents to do well.all of the aforementioned could also be reasons students get depressed.


  • Be mindful of negative chatter.
  • Do something you enjoy.
  • Call a friend or family member.
  • Be active,take up exercise or do physical activity.
  • Avoid negative vibes.
  • If what get you depressed is financial instability.Acquire skills, learn new ways to make money in a legit way.
  • Always be around what makes you happy.
  • Face your fears. That difficulty causing you depression ,face it!
  • Do something new.
  • Do have enough rest.
  • stay in touch with your good old friends. memories will never fade.


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Yes! most people get recovered from depression ,because they are never too late to figure out the source of what cause them to be depressed and defense mechanism is taken as early as possible.

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