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Hello and welcome again, today on our new edition, we will be discussing on the best way you can live in good health, good health is what you can’t buy with your money, though it is believed that good health comes from God, I will tell you it comes from God but if you are to be helped then 

you have to help yourself by all means necessary, by helping yourself, I Mean, there are some standards one has to put one’s environ to at least avoid the unpleasant a little, who knows if the little that is being avoided will be the helping factor to having good health ( you can Equally do well to check HOW TO PLAN AND DRAW BUDGET FOR ORGANIZATION) . Money I suppose also play some minor-major part in having good health, I said minor-major because the power of money can’t be underestimated and one still even has to have money to keep the environs or whatever inhabitant it is in good shape. also to live in good health, just know that some of the non-finishing things you need to do is frequently :

Eating your balancediet : balance diet is the combination of all food that gives nutrients and nourishes your body in healthy way, you get protein when it is up for it, get carbohydrates when needed, get water and other when all this are combined then this are now the symptoms of you gradually having good health, if eating balance diet can be practice in each home then I bet you the world will sure be a better place to live for both young and old. Futher more to live in good health you need to 

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Take care of your body : human body is like a temple that needs to be taken care of at all cost, even some animals like hippo and elephant don’t stay far away from water all to wash their body clean and be devoid of dirt, for this I see no reason why human being had then suppose he/she wants to behave like a pig that you bath and retuen back to the mud, as an human you have to take your bath regularly and practice all morning obligations you are to do to your body like : washing your teeth, creaming your body, using good perfume, combing your hair, removing dirt from your ear and so on, my dear brothers and sisters you doing this is not for me or for any one but it is for yourself, when you have good-health people around you will be so proud of you, so try practicing those rules

Then taking care of your environment : refrain from area with stagnant water, dirt, rooten things and so on, make yourself healthy by putting away these stuff because some causes bacteria and some malaria, and other named and unamed disease which are all harmful to both your health and life, remember your live does not have duplicate, so spend your time wisely checking and making your environs looks clean and neat at all cost, it really helps hugely

By putting all this that have been said into practice and you will see that it will be simple, accurate, enjoyable and blessed for you in good health.


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