Top 5 Most Ate Food in Nigeria

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Are you a Nigerian by birth or by just from where ever foreign place you are? For those that are around they’d understand well with this post, but for those that do not reside in the country, it might look kind of funny and so on. The ground is that you should try to follow up because if you’re planning on visiting anytime soon you should know this well too that after the lockdown the Nigeria fooding system took a drastic turn as price of getting ingredient from market spiral up to God knows when it will return back to normal. Although there are lot of factors that complement the change ranging from the Border the president asked to be shut down, to some unrest up North which has reduced number of farmer’s interest in farming.

Not to bug you with “stories that touch” the reason for the post guys is to know the top 5 Most Ate Food in Nigeria and without further Ado, let’s get into it.








This is as related to the very many actions of Nigeria has cost has swap the taste from one kinda food to another starting from 2020, leaving the with these 5 most Ate Food in the country

1. RICE :

Although rice was one of the food that took a mad turn as people can’t really afford it, it moved from normally being 9000 thereabouts before the regime of President Buhari and went up so high as 35,000 thereabout as at this day we are writing this. Rice is believe to be food of the big people, this does not mean any random person don’t eat rice but there are levels to it, one popular rice among common mass is the Concoction rice, weird yeah? I don’t think it is weird to persons around here, the Concoction rice is prepare in such a way you’d need not to make stew separate, you can cook it with red oil (Palm Oil actually), or even groundnut oil, the ground is just that all the ingredients are in hot water before washing the rice inside of it. You can sprinkle it with crayfish, even makes it sweeter, I believe you’d ask for more, my mother personally put lot of dried pepper (ata gbigbe or ata gigun) and it is always mad, spicy than no other and always delicious. One thing is common among kids in Nigeria with this kinda rice they’d always ask for pot to scrape the burnt part of the pot, the most delicious part to them (lol). Despite the turn around in food psy, Nigeria still eat rice but not as frequent as before.

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2. BEANS :

I don’t actually know but I suppose almost every countries of the world should be eating beans. Anyways, it is one food Nigeria can’t do without even no matter how high it goes. Although there is always a tag with it that it caused you to polute even frequently as soon as you eat it frequently, but the psy has changed over the years, there are lot of posh way to cook this sweet proteinous food, I mean, now you can make it with Potatoes, yam, just spice it well with any food of dried pepper, you’d really enjoy it. One common slang among higher institution student this days is saying “BB” you’d either thing they are making reference to black Berry or Black Biro, but if you get it, then you get it, it practically Bread and beans. This is very common in University, polytechnic, College of Education and even among secondary schools. Beans is never not to be recond with because you’d hate it when you’re small around here but stop caring about the hate when you are a little older. The hate mostly come from the abuse in primary school kid and few secondary schools, but it one of the most Ate food in Nigeria

3. GARRI :

Garri, not food but food, it like a flakes, whitish and goes well with sugar and groundnut (epa), and if you can afford milk, oh my dayssss, so cool but you don’t wanna take too much. It is popularly said to be food of the poor people. The ground is when you go can drink it with all other paparazzi like smoke fish, milk, sugar and all those good stuff then you’d be considered normal. But the ‘who’ that are regarded as poor being are those set of person that let it alone after pouring it into the water and left it till it puffs up to the edge of the cup. No taste again, just full cup of nothing but quantity. This is one of the food/flake that got even more welcome among Nigerians after and during the lockdown. Still people drink it with a peace. One other thing is that Garri and fried fish is very common to any random person in Nigeria most especially the Secondary school student coming back from school in a scorching sun. All you need to do is branch the friend fish  (Eja dindin) seller shop and get any part, my own preference then was the fish head (lol), then get cold water from the fridge, the feeling then becomes inexplicable, this is what we do before attending to our assignment.

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Swallows are alien to some culture in Europe and others of the Americas. Swallow is very common among African countries of which Nigeria is no absent of. There are lot of swallows ranging from EBA, SEMO, EKO, AMALA, WHEAT, IYAN (POUNDED YAM), this list is not exhaustive if the number of swallows that exist in the country. All this goes well soups like EGUSI, EFO RIRO (the one that has pomon, beef, fish and all sort), Gbegiri (beans soup), Ogbono (a draw soup, common among tribes of Nigeria), ila Alasepo (common among Yoruba tribe of Nigeria), Afaang soup. Edikang ikong, Banga (still common among the Igbos). Actually, it is an established fact that the Igbo tribe of Nigeria are originator of most Nigeria soups, actually coming down here you’d really enjoy, even though Lagos is own by Yoruba  people substantive amount of Igbo people are also in the state.


  well, spaghetti is just normal optional food and because it is easy to cook for fast meal, so after the lock down people change direction towards it more than ever, making it one of the most Ate food as competing with the above.

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