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In our last post, we have talked about what a federation is, in case you love to read on that click on the capitalized —-WHAT IS FEDERATION AND ITS FEATURES, right now we want to discuss on need for federation and the problem of federation.

There are thousand of reasons that give birth to the needs for a federation of which we are going to talk on some important part of it, though we already tell you the rudiments and what and what makes up a federation in our last post ( the link is the capitalized word up there), a branch of it is that the need for federation arrives as the need for different ideas, culture, belief, system and so on to work as one.

The new world is tearing apart of segregation, racism, section-ism schism and so on, now federation is one of the better element and an idea to which this everyday and ever-stopping problems could be curb/cure, ” you are black am a white ” don’t do with color people, ” Africans are bad” “Muslims are terrorist”, “Christians are overzealous”, all this is why the world is tearing apart, but with a federal systems people of different cultures and languages can consider each others as brothers in world and not enemy to each other.


  • To protect and preserve the local independence of every ethnic group in a country, the prevention of culture not to damage or get ruin by a large one is one of the real need for federal system to be put in place.
  • Federation is one thing the world of today needs to exercise in order for each countries of the world get good development. 
  • federalism was adopted to form a common and stronger government so as to secure the sovereignty of the country.
  • federalism is adopted in a country with multi culture as it is happens in most African countries and other part of North America, this is to give sustainability to the dignity of a group and brings peaceful co-existence.
  • Coming together of a federation is not all about the big cultures alone but also for the smaller ones also to have a say, that is the need for federation is not only to get strong but also to give the minority a say.
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  1. PROBLEM OF ELECTING LEADERS : The process of selecting leader in a federal state with the idea of vast population and different system of belief will always in one way or the other leading to conflict and even causing more hatred among groups.
  2. CREATION OF STATE ; Continuous creation of state agitation by one ethnic groups is another major problem of a federation.
  3. REVENUE ALLOCATION ; This serve as the point where togetherness is not in the mind of the federation again, one ethnic group or state will want to surpass or get more than other in terms of  allocation.
  4. ISSUE OF SUCCESSION : Most of times in a federal system of government people/community with good natural resources might call for a secession, probably because what they are getting from the bond with all does not pay they, so they decide to leave the federating unit and stand on their own.
  5. BOUNDARY DISPUTE : Boundary dispute is very rampant in a federation and it is one major problem killing the coming together system, this is one common problem especially when there is creation of new unit from existing one.

Hey guys, we hope you love this article, if you feels that their is any problem with any of this you can comment below so that i come to fast solve the problem.
Thanks ones again.

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