The Difference between Needy and Poor

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The difference between needy and poor, in some people’s perspective, they belief it is interwoven but to other people, these two words are not analyzed

properly, as an educative platform, we are going to take it from the view of the second person’s perspective.


A poor fellow is someone suffering from abject poverty or the dehumanized in the society that can’t even feed himself/herself a period per day, they toil and moil everyday and night but they are insufficient and inadequate, what the poor get is megre compare to what the normal middle class in the society get or the elite.

According to English dictionary poor is said to be with “LITTLE OR NO POSSESSIONS” IMPOVERISHED, WEALTHLESS, ARM from this point one can deduce that poor either has little that is insufficient or inadequate or with no possession at all (directed to the dehumanized in society).

To be poor is not to have up to what you expect (inadequate) and to be poor in another instance is having nothing at all.


To be in need is not to be poor I.e you only have urge and desire for a particular thing that you haven’t processed, to be in need of bread does not mean that you are poor but you are only in need because you have other things in possession the only reason obstructing the issue is that you want that particular thing.

According to English dictionary needy is ‘DESIRING CONSTANT AFFIRMATION” This simply means there is this particula thing that you want to let be constant but still variable in one way or the other.

The poor is different from needy because the former has little or nothing while the later crave for a particular affirmation i.e a particular thing. There is  this other idea that anywhere need is used, you can’t use poor and that makes it not look interwoven as some people have said.

– Ronaldo is in need of water on the field (possible)
– Ronaldo is poor of water on the field (impossible)

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So those two words don’t really work for each other and have different meaning compare to the way it seems.

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