Summary of Baba v. Nigeria Civil Aviation Training Centre

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Baba v. Nigeria Civil Aviation Training Centre

The plaintiff joined the defendant’s company as an Assistant security officer. He was promoted to the position of security officer. Following the spate of theft at the dff’s premises. A petition was drawn up, signed by some security officers….it intimated that the burglaries and other form of theft could be linked directly to Appellant’s inefficiency, without directly accusing him of thefts. A panel was formed to investigate the allegation levelled at the pff. The plaintiff was given the opportunity to state his case to by way of written. He was refused to cross examine his adversaries. Th court held that failure to provide an opportunity to cross examine by domestic tribunal was not fatal, it was not a regular trial and in such proceeding the requirement of fairness was met by the opportunity afforded the pff to make written representations.

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