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consumer can be defined as the end product of goods and services. They are the ones who finish the trend of trade that is from the manufacturer to the wholesaler to the retailer to the final consumer.

 It refers to has the right to safety and protection from hazardous good and services. The right to be in form and protected against the 6 full, fraudulent or information that mislead and and access to correct information as well as fact required to go for informed choices along with decisions. The right to choose and have easy access to different type of products and services offered at competitive and fair prices. The right to be had help to express they represent interest of consumer in the making of political and economical decision. The right to redress and getting compensation for misinterpretation, unsatisfactory services or shopping goods is important for consumer and the to consume.
Consumer education helps the consumer to become a form and capable of functioning properly in the market. The right to a healthy environment and houses the quality of life and give protection to environmental issue for present as well as future generations.
Consumers responsibilities
 consumers responsibilities refers to the responsibility of having awareness of the quality and safety of goods and services while purchasing and responsibility to collect information available about a product or services and to update oneself with charges or changes or innovations taking place in the market. It means the responsibility to think as well as make choices independently and consider immediate needs and eat. It refers to the responsibility to speak out and to inform manufacturers and government of needs and wants and the responsibility to complain or inform business along with other people about the discontentment with a product or service in an honest way.  there should be responsibilities of being an ethical consumer and be fair and not engage in my practices which make all consumer pay.
  1. RIGHT TO SAFETY : it refers to the right of the consumer to be protected against dangerous and harmful effect of all possible consumption patterns and to all goods in services which may affect life of property. You have the right to be sure that the product are not going to put your life or health in danger. Manufacturers will normally have to carry out rigorous safety tests and check before they are allowed to put their goods into their shops.
  2. RIGHT TO CHOOSE : the right to choose means the right to be assured, wherever possible, access to a varieties of goods and services at competitive prices.
  3. RIGHT TO INFORMATION :  the right to information not only means discussion regarding rate or price of the brothers, that is the physical property of the product and the service but also the legal implications of transactions. Suppliers of goods and services should give out clear and accurate information the consumer and able to make meaningful comparison and can choose what is best suited to individual needs. Not only can the information of consumer make operation but it is also important that you can rely on information of labor for example if you have a nut allergy. Sometimes suppliers maybe giving the options and allow to choose what information of details they provide. It’s up to you to find out what you think you need to know and to use that information to help you make your choices.
  4. RIGHT TO CONSUMER EDUCATION : consumer education in pairs consumer to exercise their consumer right. It is perhaps the single most powerful tools that can take consumer from the present disadvantages position to strengthen them in the marketplace.
  5. RIGHT TO A SAFE AND HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT : since the beginning of civilization, has been disturbing the ideal balance of nature. Using natural resources is not harmful because nature has its own learning mechanism. But rapid industrialization, deforestation, e.t.c. The environment is detecting fast. The need for environmental conservation is seen as a necessary defense against deteriorating fast. The need for environmental conservation is seen as a necessary defense against the directing the quality of the life worldwide. Consumers need to understand that only a safe environment can ensure the fulfillment of their rights.
  6. RIGHT TO BASIC NEEDS : the right to basic needs is an important right which has been conferred by united Nation organization  on developing countries for consumers to lead a normal lives.
  7. RIGHT TO BE HEARD : the right to be heard means the consumer should be allowed to voice their opinion and grievance at appropriate forums. This is also an idea of showing the real inner thoughts of someone towards a particular product of which must be hard by the manufacturers or the producers in order to improve in all ramifications and deeds.
  8. THE RIGHT TO SEEK REDRESS : a consumer has the right to seek redress for any goods, deficiency in services and lost due to unfair trade practices. Everyday the manufacturer and finding new ways of cheating and keeping the customers. This has nothing to do with putting on your clothes again. It’s just another way of saying that as a consumer you have the right to complain and to have your complaints settled fairly. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you may have been there is still a chance that something may go wrong. If it does then you may be entitled to ask for some or maybe all of your money back.
  • BE CRITICALLY AWARE : the responsibility to be more alert to question more about prices, about the quality and quantity or goods and services used. Cars to be critically away in knowing about equality a product is or if it will  meet up to standard of what I actually want to use it for.
  • BE INVOLVED : the responsibility to be assertive to ensure that you get a fair deal as a customer. Remember, if you are passive, you are likely to be expected. So whenever you get to a market place or a place to get a particular product you don’t have to be dumb or passive about negotiating price with the manufacturer retailer or the wholesaler.
  • BE ORGANIZED : the responsibility to join hands and and raise voice as a consumer that is to fight collectively and to develop the strength and influence to promote and protect consumers interest.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY : consumer must act with social responsibilities, with concern and sensitivity to the impact of their action on other citizens, in particular, in relation to disadvantaged groups in the community and in relation to economic and social realities prevailing.
  • SOLIDARITY : the best and most effective action is through cooperative efforts to the formation of consumer citizen group together can help the strength and influence to ensure that adequate attention is given to the consumer interest. Most effective actions through cooperative efforts through formation of consumer citizen groups who together can have the strength and influence to ensure that adequate attention is given to the consumers interests.
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