Public Speaking and Oratory Delivery and its Features

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Many persons think public speaking is going to the podium just to talk about what one has read and delivered just the way it is, No! Public speaking is dynamic in fact very dynamic, it is not just speaking from script, public speaking element is you yourself and the power that embeds in the

realm of practice, some speaker will only go online to get a lot of note and the likes but at the end the time given to you as a speaker is not even more than 15 minute or so, how on earth did you want to read all you have gotten, some speakers minute will finish before voicing out the cogent part of the speech he/she want to deliver, this as been error that keeps reoccurring over and over again for many public speaker or oratorical deliverers, let for instance a person given 10 minute to deliver a speech off hand and the fellow has read a lot and make his/her brain fuse, agree with me this kind of fellow will come to stage or podium just to realize he has forgotten most of the things he has to deliver. So what next…

What is public speaking

it is a way a speaker comes on stage/podium to use a convincing word but not in a verbose manner and making those words use to communicate to catch audience of guard. It is the way a speaker maintains the podium and put out action which makes the audience applaud reasonably. It is also the system a speaker use to make topic relate with currently happening situation which carries them along and make them feel belong. As a public speaker one has to carry the audience along not with verbose system but could make reference to things happening around that moment to make the listeners understand fully, for example a speaker speaking on how to exercises one body can point to a fat lady in the occasion and say something like “if she can do as much pull up, the fat in her will reduce to the bearest minimum”, with this, people will understand more about the topic you are delivering, so this aids continuity in the mind of the listeners, don’t think the way you have read the topic you are going to the podium to talk about that is how you just want to deliver the speech, no! you don’t do that.

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Things/steps to do to make you sounds convincing on podium.


  1. Know your audience: the first and foremost of all is knowing the kind of audience you are addressing are they highly educated, Ned, an amateur, a beginning, professional, student, members of an organisation, less privilege and so on, knowing your audience and preparing well to counter such will earn you respect because you already prepare for anything that come what may and from here you can move to next step.
  2. Boldness– from the definition of boldness in it you can see the word is always gallant in saying, so why then will you not stand gallant in front of your audience to make them totally convince on the topic given to you, your boldness sometimes has already communicate the intensity of some part of your word to the reasonable audience.
  3. Make use of grammar moderately- most of the time audience go dumb and unwilling to hear anymore when grammars are too much, big grammars in it own sense should be use to convince not confuse, but when you use it a lot it becomes you playing a piano with gibberish key l.e meaningless, the grammars has to be moderate for sustained and continuity in the mind and face of the audience.
  4. Maintain the podium- I.e be all over the podium, don’t just stand on one spot with mike in your hand thinking you are convincing people, if staying on a spot is your case then you will see in the next few minute you yourself will get confused and short of word, so for this reason you have to be brutal, smiling, face change, comic, action, factual with good body movement while delivering your speech.
  5. Look down at everyone in the occasion- most public speaker are always killed with fear of large audience called agoraphobia, many don’t know how to go about it, lemme tell you this because it works for me, anytime I got on the podium I look Down at all my audience I.e I turn them into ant that I can easily manipulate, I think this will work for many people too because some speaker prepared fully well for this thing but agoraphobia never let them deliver the right thing in mind and this has been problem of some people which make them lower themselves to stepping on podium, the advice I will give you is to look at your audience as if it is something inferior to you and not superior or you can think of it this way, what am about to say is not for a whole day but part of a day so let me bring out the best of myself to get dignity and honour in face of audience.
  6. Make your initiative strong: I.e the power of your brain to know what the audience want at that particular moment are they losing interest? Or are they with me? In order to make proper correction.
With all this I hope you are ready to go on podium to deliver your speech and make the audience get convinced by the topic, so for now you are good to go.
Features of public speaking and oratory delivery
  1. Define your topic first
  2. Explain the defined topic to the proper understanding of a layman.
  3. Don’t be too verbose
  4. Make your first point very catchy I.e use inverted pyramid (anticlimax) the most catchy word first.
  5. Make the last point very convincing 
  6. End your speech with quote to make audience reason with you e.g For a person teaching on “Time management strategy” you can end it by saying ” To begin managing your time you first need a clearer idea of how you now use your time”.

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