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Friendship to some is a long life process but to some who don’t really cares think of it has the best way to stab people at the back or revenge, but I will tell you that friendship is worth sustaining because is the act of keeping people together or making them stay long with each other.

Though in life we all in one way or the other went through tough path with our love once but behold if one have a consistent spirit, my dear I will tell you that you are good to go, the essence of loving people or caring for them is not just only for now purpose but it is for the sole aim of what I called future, future is one of the unforeseen and unpredictable thing that will happen later to someone.

The best way to keep friendship moving or going are many which I will make mention and explain some of them, the ways are as thus :


  1. DON’T BE A BACK BITTER : back bitter is one who must have not hear about anything, he did not know how to contend the secret and unfortunately will reveal all what has just been said by two party,  let your friend be confidential in you and they should believe that they have one true person that they can keep their secret with without it getting linked out. Backbiting is evil we should try refraining from it because it kills a long time relationship with a friend.
  2. TELL THEM THINGS YOU DON’T LIKE ABOUT THEM :  telling people things you don’t like about them is like freeing up your mind from the evil that will be for you and that will imprison you about your thoughts against the fellow, it’s better you speak out and make people know what you don’t like about them because you keeping quiet and keeping it to yourself might cause you danger one day, if you tell someone what you don’t like about him or her you are giving such person an advice on how to change to your own standard and to other people standard in order to maintain the long time relationship you guys have being in, do try as much as possible to clarify your inner feeling about the behaviours and attitude of people so that you help them get to the standard of the society that they might not know in one way or the other,  just try telling them what you feel and what you don’t like about them.
  3. LET THEM KNOW YOUR PRINCIPLES : principles are those elements one sticks too and it is you and you yourself,  you can’t just go away from it, letting  people know your principle is like helping yourself and helping them to stay away from crises that might happen if they does something contrary to what you called your principle, if I will say some people value reputation and for that they know how to compose while speaking in public and of which some people are not like that they do the same way they do private in public,  let see now I having someone who does not compose himself or herself in public as a friend will think it is normal to do this rubbish outside meanwhile you as a person of reputation you hate it, so it will be better if you make them know the principles you have always like to stick to whenever you are in public, let them know that you can also do crazy things privately with them but you detest what will lower your reputation in public, make them (long time friends) know your principles and they won’t want to go against it.
  4. LOVE THEM : love is the affection created in the mind for people, friends, family, peers, and so on, it will be better said that if you have love with your friends there wouldn’t be any form of misunderstanding that may arose fights, war, or any unconventional  conversation which may want to lead to bending at each other’s neck, love is strong enough to tighten the bond of a longtime relationship and sustain it for a period of time which one cannot even imagine, so it is better to love than being hypocrite about loving someone.
  5. BELIEVE CONFLICT IS A NORMAL THING : once you start having the perception that conflict is a normal thing that happens between friends then you’ve gotten to matured stage, conflict can be defined as the bone of contention between two or more people who quarles, right from when man is even created complete as begin from the start point of thing, it is very normal when conflict happen but it is abnormal when you don’t know how to let go off it when it happens. Make very good sure that you know how to control your anger against conflict, make very better sure that you don’t say what will later cause you guilt at the end of the few time that the conflict happen, is better you stay silent and clear your mind as if nothing has not happened from this point you are matured enough to control your conflict, and knowing how to control one’s conflict sustains long time relationship.
  6. HELP IN WHATEVER WAY YOU CAN TO BE PART OF THEIR SUCCESS : being part of someone success is like being part of one’s memory, try as much as possible to be useful and be part of the success of that your long time friend in order for her not to forget you in any of his/her ramification in life, give them tips that can help them start up a business if you know one, help them make researches whenever they need, if you can help about that, don’t just be a useless machine that only call someone’s friend but can’t be useful in any way to the fellow, make the very good sure that you are useful elements that is part of the success of that your friend in order to continue sustaining your long time relationship.
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