Meaning ,Types, Method of Planting And Explanation Of Maize

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Maize is an annual crop in the Family of Gramineous or cereal. an annual crop in Agriculture means having a life cycle that is completed In one growing season,I.e such crop is planted, germinated and harvested within a year of plantation.

It is well known in all part of the world for it uniqueness as well as extracting different foods from it .There are many varieties of Maize,they mostly differ in the crop produced but similar in appearance of the trees.

1.Dent Maize
2.pop corn Maize
3.Sweet corn
4.Waxy corn
5.pod corn
6.pint corn
7.Flour maize

However,the plantation of maize depends on the climate of the country. Maize does well in areas where temperature is minimum while rainfall is well distributed and high, it grows faster on fertile well drained soil which can be LOAMY SOIL.

Farmers prepare land for plantation either MANUALLY or MECHANICALLY,I.e,Manually means it being done by hand while Mechanically means it is done using tractor where ploughing will be carried out. ploughing depth should be about 25cm into the soil.

Plantation of maize can be twice in a year in areas of high rate of rainfall and flooding facility can be provided I.e the watering of lands by artificial or natural means to foster plants growth.

In reference to what was said early that maize can be planted twice in a year. Early maize is planted between March and April while late maize is between July and August and it germination happens within 4-7days of plantation.

Moreover, weeding is needed in the plantation of maize to prevent it against pest that might want to destroy it .such as SMUT. It affect the Ariel part of maize by forming black spores on the stems,leaves and tassels. The smut organism lives in soil.


There are three sessions of weeding recommended for maize planting ,these are ;

1st weeding – 2nd to 3rd week after planting.

2nd weeding – 6th to 7th weeks after planting 

3rd weeding -9th to 10th weeks after planting.

In conclusion,maize is harvested between the period of sixty to ninety days after planting to be consumed fresh. If dry, it should be harvested at ninety to one-hundred and twenty days after planting.

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