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Personality can be explained as the qualities that  an individual processes.It shows how a person reacts,thinks,behaves ,feels and communicates.It can also be the combination of a person’s physical ,mental ,moral and social qualities shown by him/her and seen by others.


1.Biological factor:Some characteristics are inherited from the parents,like ;height, weight ,skin complexion,introversion,hostility and extraversion,etc,all affects individual personality development.
A person’s physique imposes some advantages or limitations on his abilities and it shapes how others treat him.Boys with strong muscular build are likely to be assertive while the weaker ones are likely  have no strength to fight.

2.Cultural factor: All human beings live in an interactive society .Each society has a body of knowledge ,perception,ways of thinking,values,attitudes,beliefs,goals,feelings,ideas ,the way child is being brought up and ability to behave in an acceptable manner to the group.

Our society direct and limit us on what we should learn.Therefore, the cultural experience a child grew up to have had ,would dictate a great extent of his/her personality.

3.The family:family adds to his cutural experience due to parental social class. Even in the same cultural group;Children from lower class are trained with threats ,deprivation and harsh punishment, the middle class uses more love oriented discipline like withdrawal of affection,disapproval in dealing with their children while children from upper class(wealthy family) most likely lack training or discipline from their parents.

Psychologically,it is well known and has been agreed to by psychologists, that,the experiences a child is exposed to in the first 6 years of life, determines his adult personality.
All conditions and persons that constitute a child’s immediate environment during this period influence the development of his personality greatly,in that he/she get used to or adapt to  the way people around bahave,what they do and how they live.

The state of the family will affect the child as Well,whether the parents are ;poor ,wealthy,cooperative,loving,separated or divorced, will affect the child’s personality.

4.Model identification;As the child grows older,he comes in contact with new set of people totally distinct from his immediate family ,e. g Teacher peers,heroes, movies.Characters.Each person in these set of people he just met has a unique personality, which he  identifies and wishes to emulate.
His personality is now the combination of his parents and a number of others which now make him complex and have a broad knowledge.

Note:All factors mentioned above are the factors which affect personality and the situation in which an individual finds himself and whatever be his inherited characteristics.

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