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Society of the world all have ideal that they hold on to, the structure of way of life they accepted,  such way of life or ideal or ideas is what people are expected off to lift on in the society, showing the behaviour that is totally contrary to that is being frowned upon and punishable by the law, such behaviour termed as negative behavior.


Negative behaviour entails exhibiting attitude behaviour that is unacceptable to the society that one belongs to. Once you go against the rules and regulation that is guiding a society,  that is said to be that such person has gone on a negative behaviour,  that is,  he has gone out of the normal balance of the society.

Negative behaviour can be described as the slaying attitude of behaviour that is undesirable and does not conform to the ideal, or standard of the society.

The word has seen as negative idea in a society are not been use in normal conversations in the society,  society are different from one another,  people violate the rules of the society because they do what is different from what is considered to be normal or morally correct in the society.

Those who go against the rules and regulation that is guiding a society that held on to  negative behaviour later in the future or a moment disgrace their family,  their precious self and society at large. Negative behaviour can also be termed as the following.



  • Bad behavior 
  • Deviant behavior 
  • Immoral behavior 
  • Irregular behavior 
  • Abnormal behavior 
  1. DISHONEST : this is the quality that render someone untruthful. Dishonesty is the inability of human to go straight forward why putting up truthful decisions or truthful talk in a society or among people of the same peers, a person who display this behaviour is known for telling lies, deceiving people and does not stand by the truth. A dishonest person is not transparent and is unfaithful such a person is not interested. A dishonest person is unreliable and people will not put their trust in such a person.
  2. EXCESSIVE LOVE FOR MONEY : excessive love for money is one of the bad class of negative behaviour although everybody needs money and money is a medium of exchange that is being generally accepted by people, whenever you want to get a product or thing but that doesn’t mean it should become lord over one,  money is important for our survival in society but when one has an extreme desire for money such that one can do the unthinkable like killing or stealing to get it then one excess and extreme love for money which is the negative behaviour. Peoples extreme love for money will make them to engage in money ritual in desperation to get money, a society frowns at this negative behaviour even the bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. So one has to know the way and the system or try not to love money excessively in order to still go with the balance of the society.
  3. EXAMINATION MALPRACTICE : examination malpractice is evil as said by everybody and should be shun away from, this do with cheating as a means of passing of examination which is done by student and students who engage in examination malpractice instead of studying hard to pass their exams, some engage in copying the work of their mate, some by examination question, some textbook or written materials into the examination room, these days, some students even bring some programs with solution to the question for the examination. This is a negative behaviour common among the youth in the society and it should be stopped.
  4. DISREGARD TO TIME : it is a common saying that time lost can never be regained. People that treat time as if it is not important. It is common in most part of the world that people get to functions late. They have total disregard for time, they do not keep to time. If a function supposed to start at 3 pm people will not get there until 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. and then we’ll say 3 p.m. that the program was supposed to start is just the african time. This is a negative behaviour in our society and it should be shun.
  5. BRIBERY : this is an act of taking or giving bribe. Bribery is giving something valuable such as money in order to get someone to do something, or to influence someone’s judgement or conduct of a person in a position of trust. In our society some people in need of contracts grease the hand of directors or people in charge of such contracts in an establishment with money so as to get contract. This is not good,  it is a negative behaviour. Bribe are given to get unmerited or undeserved favour.
  6. CULTISM : is the act of joining a secret society. Some student in higher institution of learning join cult group what are the extreme religious belief examples of cult groups in university and black axe, scorpions, blackberry etc members of this group to engage in bad act, like killing, stealing, arousement and cultism is a negative behaviour, we should stay clear and not join cult group because it is evil and exhibition away from.
  • Negative video will result in value disorientation, people will not behave or pattern their life based on the acceptable norms or ideas of a society immorality will become the order of the day.
  • When people have disregard for time, it will lead to inefficiency in  their place of work.
  • Crime rate will be on the increase in the society.
  •  bribery and corruption take the front row in the society.
  • Negative behaviour will lead to under development of the society.


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