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Common crimes are those punishable offence of which the common laws of every country dictates, in other word common crimes are are punishable under the common laws of a unlike crimes specified by statutes. common crimes are crimes which if a person committed will have to pay fine in the case of a redeemable goods and things that doesn’t cost life, penalty maybe for infringing on the other party’s right, forfeiture in the case of organization i.e companies industries and so on and imprisonment if that serves as the last resort.

  1. THEFT : This is the act of taking what does not belong to someone or which is for someone else as one’s possession , this is one of the common crime and treat to a society .
  2. MURDER : This is the act of killing of killing another person intentionally, someone who beat is child to death or a cult member who killed another human like him to get a pretty lady is a murderer and it is a punishable offence by the law, such person is judge in accordance to the constitution of the land .
  3. BATTERING : this is another form of family crime whereby a husband heavily beat his wive even sometimes to verge of death, battering is one common crime that keep re-occurring but has laws guiding it and the punishment on the party if such happens .
  4. CONTEMPT OF THE COURT: This is an illegal act of flagrant disobedience or lack of respect to the rules and regulation guiding the court, this happen most time when someone lies after swearing and oath with the court that all that he is going to say will be the truth and the truth alone.
  5. OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE : This is an illegitimate act or crime of preventing the rule of law to take it necessary course i.e obstructing the supremacy of the constitution over everyone, this happens sometimes when people attack the judge in other to follow the wrong course and not the legal proceedings.
  6. MANSLAUGHTER : This is unintentional but unlawful, this is the killing of someone else through silly mistake but not intentional e.g a reckless lorry driver drinks all night to start up a travelling journey that same night and drove into a near-by house full with human, he has committed a common crime though it is unlawful and at the same time it is unintentional.
  7. TRADE IN FAKE DRUGS : Is a crime of buying and selling of expire drugs at cheap prices to be re-branded in a deceitful way for the use of Innocent people, this has lead to death of many innocent people that used these drugs gullible.
  8. EMBEZZLEMENT ; This has turned the order of the day for most third word countries, the embezzlement of public fund is also a common crime that is punishable by the law, the money meant for the generality of the people or citizens of a country is used for private and selfish reason of only one person, such act is called embezzlement.
  9. TREASON : is what some people called blasphemy, it is is a crime committed by un-patriotic citizens of a country, it is when a citizen or group are planning to subvert or overthrown a legitimate leader of a country.
  10. DRUG TRAFFICKING : this is the illegal usage of drug or too much use of a prescribed drug, this is illegal trade which involves carrying contraband drugs e.g cocaine, rohphnol, Tramadol and other harmful drugs across the border of a country.
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