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Discipline is an act or a trained way of life,In that,it is a method of training one’s self or controlling one’s behaviours and attitudes. It also an act that is of great value to man .It iss a virtue and also a positive trait.


Self control: How can one be self-controlled?

A disciplined person always has self-control. This means that the person has the ability to remain calm and not show his emotions, even though, he is feeling angry or excited. A disciplined person always has the ability to control himself or herself.


Moderation is the quality of being reasonable and not being extreme. A disciplined person is always moderate. He would not be seen as being too hot or cold.


Modesty is a virtue. It means not talking much about your abilities or possessions. A modest person is always moderate in all that he or she undertakes. Modesty is an important attribute associated with discipline because a disciplined person will also be modest.

Respect for Legitimate Authority:

Legitimate authority refers to the people in power, who have rights to give orders to people, as allowed and accepted by the laws of the land. A disciplined person always respects legitimate/constituted authority. Such person obeys the leader and those that rule over him or her and other citizens.

Respect for Rules and Regulations:

There is a popular literary saying that “where there is no rule, there is no offence”.People that commit offences have no respect for the rules and regulations of the society. However, a disciplined person always has respect for rules and regulations.

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Perseverance means the quality of continuing to try to achieve a particular aim in spite of difficulties. Perseverance is an attribute of a disciplined person. Disciplined person will not take a short-cut to achieve an aim because such difficult to achieve. Rather, such person will persevere just because he or she is disciplined.


Self Confidence

When an individual is disciplined, he has virtually nothing to worry about. The person is self confident, and does not need to look side ways to ascertain whether people are happy with him or not. This is because he or she is too sure that being a disciplined person, people around will definitely appreciate and value his or her nature.


A disciplined person is respected by people in his or her immediate environment. The society would not abhor him or her the way an undisciplined person is abhorred. People in the society will not hesitate to choose such person to represent them.


Discipline, as a way of life, brings about cooperation among people in a society.When there is discipline, people will like to come together and work for the well being and progress of the society.


Discipline brings about utmost trust among the people. People who are disciplined are always trusted. There is no mistrust of any form or shape where discipline is the order of the day.



Indiscipline makes an individual to engage in fraudulent acts. For example, a student who comes late to school or does not come regularly will fail. Such student could attempt to forge results in order to create the impression before his or her parents that he had passed.

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Examination Malpractices

Indiscipline makes students to engage in examination malpractices. Some lazy students will attempt to copy their brilliant classmates while examination is in progress. Others will attempt to copy from incriminating materials smuggled into the examination hall. Some even go to the extreme or extent of buying examination questions from fellow indisciplined examination officials.

Stealing and Robbery

Indiscipline makes people to engage in stealing of property of others. Some others even go to the extreme or extent of engaging in act of robbery. They use guns and various other weapons to attack innocent ones. When they are arrested, they are dealt with according to the dictates of the law.

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