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Hello There,

First of, we welcome you to, you’re probably here because you have search a word related to ways to get people to like you. The ground is human emotion is complicated and very hard to describe, that you wanna make people like you, they probably must have earn your trust, feel you’re better than them, like your personality, have good sense of humour, ecetera. Talk about sense of humour, I personally, cherish Tom Ellis, the British actor who played Lucifer Morningstar in the American series “Lucifer”, persons like that has high sense of humour and they probably easily get the attention of any person immediate they get into conversation. Anyways, not all persons has good sense of humour.

If you have bad sense of humour or you feel people don’t find you funny when you try to make a statement or teaser that if other had made, will root up a smile at least on the other party (A lady or guy), Don’t beat yourself to it, rather try a disciplinary approach, Don’t be fond of cracking jokes or teaser, cos it keep getting same expression which on long run lowers your self esteem, an advise I’d give is rather involve yourself more in serious conversations, research, and make sure you’re saying things that are crystal fact, if you keep getting people consent to your theories, assertions, talks and hypothesis, you’d see at a point that they won’t even question you, more like intellectual submission.

I’m a Law Student and I believe I’m very brilliant will not make me see Bill Gate and feel I can question somethings he says, hell no!, I’d comply to more than 80% with joy, it’s intellectual coercion, this is way subjective than any physical force to comply to one’s theory. The real is present yourself serious if you know people don’t take you funny or good teaser and then you’d realize at some intervals when you make shitty jokes people are willing to smile, for instance, we hold Barack Obama so high esteem, he’s not someone we see as a joke master or would have a way to tease, but if he happens to talk to you and I, and in middle of serious talk cracks a dry joke, we Don’t have option than to smile or laugh cos it’s actually funny seeing his personality doing that.


Human relationship is complicated whole lot and we, that move with lot of persons have try to understand different people which I know might help someone. bundles back to, Figure out yourself! everyone can’t be very very serious, persons like me can be most serious in a minute and turn Kelvin Hart the next.


There are many ways one can get people to like them and these includes :

1. Be Real

Should I say being real is another blessing in disguise one will on long run not regret. The notion is don’t call yourself what you’re not, view it from your own self that if you were being lied to how would you feel? how do you later see the lying party? can they ever gain your trust again? once you can produce answers to these mentioned question then you can proceed. People don’t like fake person, I don’t like face person, you don’t like fake person, so you yourself, don’t ever try to be fake, because on the long run the fakeness catches up to the fake fellow and dishonour their name, one thing you should have at the back of your mind is we only have our name, it’s like brand, valuable commodity that needs to be deal with meticulously. so, if anything worth it, it’s not being fake, cos if you spoil your name, you’d end up running away from New York to New Jersey from there to Atlanta to Las Vegas until you find yourself out of the United State just because your actions are catching up to you, and you’re ashamed of it. People like someone who is as real as possible, they may not like you immediately, but trust me, you’d be hearing “why do I start liking you?” soon


2. Always have a smile on

Have you ever heard the novel saying that people who frowns has short time on earth because they take things too seriously and it comes back fighting them. A smile on you can take off someone else’s problem. Always try as much as possible to put your problem aside and smile, if you really don’t have reason to wear a smile on you, think of something you’ve done in the past that had made you smile sheepishly or think of something you desire in the future that you’re really working towards, the latter works for me best and you rarely see me frown. I was once given a political office in my faculty due that I wear a good smile when my fellow faculty student sees me. People get to like anyone who smiles a lot, take it from the instance of seeing a cute baby smiling then you cant help but touch the kid.

 3. Stop the habit of complaining

One who complains about every single thing opens himself/herself up to being ridicule, people tends to run away from such person, you’d mostly see that rich people help each other, it’s on rare occasion you’d see a rich person listening to the cries and multiple complains of someone. help yourself better, all that you do will fall in place and you’d get the love you desire.

Others ways to get people to like you includes :

4. Listen more than you speak 

5. Let your facials speaks- people with good facial expression tends to attract more people to themselves. Tip on this will be : Practice some facial expression in front of mirror at home very well before you tends to do wrong facial in right conversation.

6. Speak less in first-time conversation – This is because first impression last longer.

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