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Initially heart attraction collide
Bringing about us both vulnerability
Should I say I wasn’t thinking about forever
Oh fucking yes! Really did has Rays of hope
With what those soft touch and gentle sins brought us
But really painful February is too short a date
Remember no behind? look through the window, the missionaries we did without church and how fear steers when no protection
I roll on my bed thousand times
All to remember all we can’t have anymore
Yes! I guess the lingerie looks great on you
We parted not with joy nor malice
But vividly seen as more of resignation
The life we’d is promised not for granted
I want to hate you but I know we will make good friend
I’d love to hear those moans again, sorry!
I’d love to give you moon to watch star with you
But I realized we didn’t stand time
Forget not the place thee still have in me
For we both just don’t have to repeat yesterday’s mistake
More tears will cloud laughter if this line continues
Though to eternal I want it buried in memories
So far we can’t win fight protecting ourselves
Make sure history repeats itself not babe
And I wont remember to forget you

The poem is written to an ex (an ex is one who is formerly loved by someone). The poem from a third person point is seen to be that the lovers did not end up on a sad note, they both loved each other but it is just destined that it was the perfect time each had to let go another, the writer in first paragraph talked about how their love started by saying ‘heart attraction collide’, this is that for every lovers, there must have been an intense period when both lovers must have been really drunk in love.
The writer continued in the first stanza making us realized that at the initial stage of their love, he/she was thinking about ‘forever’, this forever can mean alot of thing but the perfect one we in Saferlane will interpret it as is ‘marriage’, the poet already thought everything is going to work perfectly well and this love will sustain the both parties to marrying each other.
In the second stanza, one could deduce the state the writer was easily, through his/her diction, he/she remembered those fun they had with s*x and how it was lovely, he also remembered the day they weren’t on protection and were very scared problem had already set in, the problem here is pregnancy,  they thought the lady is now pregnant but no she wasn’t.
The third stanza makes us see that the party love was more like resignation not the one that either ends on sad note or unhappy one, with this, we realize love is magical, sometimes it drives one crazy and sometimes it makes you feel indifference, these two lovers end their love on a no-pain motive, the third stanza of this poem make us realise that the poem is written by a guy to his ex, cos from the reaction in this stanza this are attribute of masculine, he voice out in anger and said he’d like to hate his ex but being a good friend will be better because the world is a very big place and life is short.
He further continue his imagination of happy time of the past, he said he remembered the ‘moans’ and for that, he’d love to give the moon to the girl for them to sit at night to see the stars move, but all in all the guy concluded, they couldn’t stand test of time. He further, in his poem lure his babe not to make herself repeate yesterday’s mistake like they did together, although the mistake was not revealed but one could conclude it is one of the things that has led to their break up.
The next stanza before the last was the part that shows purgation of emotion, he surrendered that if he continues the poem, there is nothing to happen other than tears rolling down from his sullen eyes.
The last paragraph, was where he came to the resolution that he’d like those line of his to stay in human minds forever although people still need to love cause if there is no love, how will experience set in? and how will mistake be corrected? He then use the phrase that no one protects himself while fighting thinking he will be at best chance of winning. He further advised his ex through his poem that she shouldn’t let such mistake happen again for he will never forget her (I will never remember to forget you).
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