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Local government may be defined as a government established through an ACTS OF PARLIAMENT, at the local level and to deal with specific matters as it affects them. Local government authorities are
created, mainly to deal with matters of local concern, e.g. Markets, federal roads, motor parks, e.t.c. Their functions are mainly confined in the RESIDUAL LIST.


1. Making of bye-laws: The legislative arm of local government is involved in the making of bye-laws. However, the effect of these laws are only felt within the local government.
2. Punishment of offenders: The local government has the constituted power to punish those who violate the laws made. They are however tried in customary courts within the set-up.
3. Imposition of levy: They have the ultimate power to impose levy on the people for some specific purposes, within their jurisdiction.

               LOCAL GOVERNMENT.

1. Bringing government nearer to the people: Local government is mainly created, to bring government to those at the grass root. This system is good for a large country I.e heterogeneous states.

2. Local participation: It provides opportunity for the local people i.e. people at the grass root, to participate in the politics of their country.

3. Community development: Local government provides equal opportunity for local participation in community development projects.

4. Training and development of future political leaders: Local government creates an avenue whereby future political leaders undergoes training.

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5. Provision of essential services: Local government: Local government acts as intermediary between the Central government, and the people at the grass root.


1. Provision of health centers : This is solely dine by the local government, for the benefit of people at the grass root. They provide things like, maternity centers, dispensaries etc..

2. Naming of streets: They are involved in the naming of streets and roads and even sometimes, number houses.

3. Establishment and maintenance of cemeteries and homes of destitute

4. Provision of recreational centers:
Local government provide and maintain most centers, such as amusement parks, stadia, e.t.c. and also relaxation purposes.

5. Maintenance of law and order: Through bye-laws, local government enhances the maintenance of law and order within their jurisdiction.

                LOCAL GOVERNMENT.

1. Allocation from the federation accounts: This is where the local government mainly gets its revenue. Local government receive the bulk of their money from the allocation from the federation accounts.

2. Grants: This is another source of revenue for the local government. They receive grants from both the central and state government. However, in most cases, these grants are for specific projects.

3. Defaulters of bye-laws : Fines are usually paid by those who have offended the rules and regulations, and these generates revenue for the local government.

4. Imposition of levy: Revenues are equally generated, through the imposition of levy on the people. However, these levies maybe for special projects, meant for the improvement of the welfare of the people.

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5. Commercial ventures: Local government also involves itself in commercial ventures like transportation, recreational centers etc..


1. Embezzlement of public fund: Some of the officials involves themselves in the embezzlement of the revenue generated, and this leads to adverse effect on the part of the people.

2. Inefficiency of leaders : most local government chairman are inefficient for the post they are being allocated to and this has serve as one of the leading problem in the society.

3. No room for accountability : most official set at each local government are not being critically supervised on, so this has being another leading problem in public management.

4. Uncooperative act of the society inhabitant : the people in some society are not very well good in terms of corporation and this will bring to then bad leadership which may not be able dissolve the ills done by their so call leader.

5. Secession : secession threat is another factor issuing or militating against the smooth running of local government, the fact that society is voluntary means that any member can quit any meetings and decision making pact of the local government.

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