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Many people think that agriculture means only the conservation of land to grow food and crops. If eating card, you will find out that apart from food and cash crops,, produce many more things which are useful to us. So, we can define agriculture simply as a science and practice of growing crops and keeping animal to provide us with food and other materials used everyday in our lives. Before learning about the importance of agriculture, let us first try to answer this question, what is the origin of agriculture? Or how did agricultural begins?


Culture is a very old human activities. Human being who live on earth obtain their food by gathering fruits and leaves from wild plants and obtain their meat by hunting wild animal. They were not sure that the would get enough to eat unless they work very hard at collecting and hunting when moving from one place to another. As time went on, this early people started to recognize the plant and animal which they like most and began to grow the plant and keep the animal so that they could have enough to eat whenever they are hungry. Gradually, they began to learn how best to grow this plant and keep the animal and to remain in one place. This place is eventually developing to villages. It can therefore be seen as the settlement of human was base on primitive agriculture.


Our culture is very important not only for our lives but also for the entire nation. In our country, most over 70% of people living in the rural area and they are farmers who are involved in agriculture. This fellow provide all our food items such as young, cassava, beans, cocoyam, plantain, banana, rice, potatoes,  millet, sodium, goat, sheep, cows, pigs, chicken, fish and many others. Farmers also produce cotton used for making clothes, wood for making furniture, tables, bed and chair, also grow various plants used for the manufacture of medicine, rubber and many other products. Many are natural products are used in festivals and ceremonies such as marriages, Christian of children and even burials. The product used include kola nuts, honey, lime and sugar. In any country, and culture is very important for the following


  1. FOOD PRODUCTION : all the food we eat are produced by commas from their fans. We all need foods to grow and to provide energy for our works. Nowadays, many Africans and Europeans countries cannot produce enough food to feed their people. This is very sad indeed. Such country there for a hot food from other countries. In some countries like Ethiopia, Somalia and sodium, the shortage of food is so high that there is farming and many people die of starvation. When this happened, other countries an organization help to reduce the suffering by sending quality of green and milk to the affected areas, this is what is called food aid. Without agriculture therefore, it would be very difficult to feed the people in the country.
  2. PRODUCTION OF CLOTHING AND SHELTER : all human beings need to protect their body from harsh weather condition wherever they leave. The early humans on earth protected themselves with leaves and animal skins. Nowadays we wear clothes made from cotton and wool which are products of plants and animals from farms. We also wear leather shoes, folds and boots made from the skin of farm animal. In addition to protecting our bodies, agriculture provides us with timber and materials like grass dogs, touch and palm fronts for constructing our homes. This home  from sun, rain and wind.
  3. PRODUCTION OF WEALTH: There are of  course many countries whose wealth rely solely on agriculture, as the popular saying goes, the resources in the world is not equitably distributed by nature. In view of this some nations strive hard to make their country better through agricultural product, imagine countries like Nigeria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar are among other ones endowed with oil, a one lesser European or African country had tried hard also to make herself better and, one of the process to do so is Agriculture. Agriculture in the broad sense bring about mass production of wealth to not only smaller nations of the world but also the ones that are quite alright too.
  4. OPPOTUNITIES FOR THE LESS PRIVILEDGE : The common person in the society through the power of agriculture can now sell his or her farm product directly or through another common man in the society and this of course, brings about distribution of responsibility which create job for common person with no-white-collar job.
  5. REDUCTION OF CRIME : Through the power of Agriculture in the society and now, common man can lay hold to something fetching him/her money, then, there should be great reduction in crime rate as everyone or almost everyone at least is getting their hand on something and this engagement process will really help reduce level of crime in the society.
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