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“Eba” as it is name is one of African food but most eat in Nigeria to be precise, this is a very good strong food and body building, we will be discussing how to make it in this

steps, in case you don’t know how to do things then why not sit, read and understand the full process.

  1. The first step you have to go through while trying to make this food is for you to “boil you water” until it starts evaporating, mind you,  don’t put it down when it hasn’t got to full evaporation because doing so will not make what you want to make looks good, this is rule 1, stick to it very hard that your water must get well boiled, and after this
  2. Ready your turning stick and a bowl you want to pour the hot water in, also don’t forget to get ready your “garri”
  3. After that then pour the boiled hot water into the bowl, with no too much wasting time start pouring the “garri” you have already set down round the hot boiled water in the bowl, and after pouring enough (at least should be a little bit above the water in the bowl)
  4. Then take up your turning stick and start turning it together, turn it to left, turn it to right, though it requires strength and power, but don’t mind, keep turning until you get it done
  5. After this first four instructions, then you can set it in plate for you and your family.
Most time people take it with “Egusi soup”

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