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Right from the beginning  that the creator has made human being that he has place in them zeal to make friendship, to believers, it was  even displayed by him on a friendly means with the first man, though at the same time the zeal that create friendship could be violate sometimes to form anger and annoyance when of the party is offended, life is all about knowing how to go about with things, things in such that when it is good you are on the lane and either some plans fell through and it seems hard in life, you

never back down you keep on moving, as this is very essential and vital in life so as the act of maintaining friendship.

Now, before we move fully into the clue have got to share on maintaining relationship with another, i will like to define what the word maintain is, maintaining is an act of proper management of something or anything which might be very useful on the long run to sustain either one course or another, and i will also define RELATIONSHIP, relationship is the level of bound between two course, system, people or thing, this simply means the level of relative things are in the course of their bond is relationship, the bond that exist between a mother and her child is birth and of which will lead to more, and the last is people around you or to be precise let say neighbor  are said to be people that might give you problem or make your life bearable, one neighbor at first might not be one enemy but once they sense something negative in you some back-off to become your enemy while some will try to tell you the content of your mistake.
These are five tricks in which you can use in maintaining relationship with people around you ;
DON’T BE TOO EXACT OR COMMANDING : let us assume you  are a king in your society, it should be known to everyone that you have a sovereign power which compels them to your obedience, now, let assume you are a normal citizen and you also reside in a society or community which you did not hold on to any power please try as much as possible not to be too exact or commanding because if you do many will  hold on to the fact that you weren’t popularly recognize for anything in the society then what is it with you telling them to do things, try to at least be appealing in speech not commanding , people don’t want someone that will keep on commanding them mos especially in this era of globalization, am sorry! It wont work, even if it concerns you about talking to people about societal affair, try to do so with an appealing voice, this is one of the way that you can then maintain relationship with people around you.
BE HUMBLE : i only said be humble not be dull, being humble is an act of practicing humility, and humility is the best form of character, if you cant be humble in life my dear brother, it is that pride that has eat deep in you that will get you killed in the hand of your neighbors, what are you thinking, you are thinking is it not until they stab me in the back or shoot you? You guess they cant, yeah they cant, but being abandon by neighbors is you being dead to the society, please try as much as possible to be very humble to both young and old in a society, through this good relationship at work, you are good to go
DON’T PICK SIDES : picking side is an act of supporting one course at the expense of another, to pick side is to stand on a lane which is either favorable or not, moving into how this relate with this topic, the thing is don’t pick side when two of your neighbors bent on each others neck. Try to be very neutral and not-supporting one course, try to cure or end war but not to pick side to infuriate the matter, life is a long life process which is like this and like that i.e the beginning of is also very easy to see but the end might be life process, even those that don’t know about it suffers the course of the hatred plant in them from child birth, and this is what ruin relationship and from relationship to society.
DO CHARITY WORK TO SOCIETY : try to use your skill to promote good neighbor, if it is money you can use in helping your neighbors please do when you know they will appreciate that not those people that are adamant and will not give you room, do to neighbors who will appreciate your good effort in the society, this is one of the way you can make something cool out of the society.
APPRECIATE WITH THEM WHEN HAVING OCCASION : try as much to attend some of your neighbors occasion if you know it wont inconvenience you or not too far for you to bear, try as much as possible not to ignore all their event , because if you do they will belief you are just a figure head in the society who will not help others venture in what might have sustain your relationship with them.

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