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 Learning a music is not a big deal but people find it hard and very difficult to get it in most way at first I will tell you that learning a music is like putting mind in something and,  putting mind in something is like committing into brain, because of this post I have gone through so many theories and practical about music on getting the real fact that why people don’t know how to commit even simple music to head but now you are here to get it all and from this point I guess you have to get right with, so let us get down to the real business of today.

  1. GOSPEL MUSIC : gospel music is one in which we go in spirit or get spiritual about whenever we are into it, the purpose of singing a spiritual song or a gospel music is too either praise God or worship him and from there and so on.
  2. HIP HOP :  this is purely entertainment in nature and it is done for relaxation purpose for people to free their mind,  enjoy,  dance to the beat of what is going on in their surrounding and environment, most times, hip hop are music that burst brain and make you feel like dancing all the time for a while you think that’s what is given me the actual inspiration in this music but with a beat system you get to realize that the hip-hop in you is the beat in your head.
  3. FUJI MUSIC : this is a traditional form of music in Africa, it is one of what gives inspiration to the older people in African society and its serves as source of inspiration for the grey hairs, fuji music are performed by elderly and youth but the instrument use are also of ancient Africans which still exists till date, instrument like Gan-gan meaning talking drum, Sakara, bata, omele and other, although the new world system of fuji as the combination of drum set and some other instruments like akuba (a small ground banging drum).
  4. RAGGAE : this is another traditional music that has been existing from ages and it is being sung by white, another part of the world, reggae also have some elements of affection which bust someone’s brain while listening, it touches through the heart and moving to the head with the “ti ti Ka Ka Ka ti ka” beat, you will always enjoy it cause it is one thing sang with inspirational tone and for that one needs to move and swing from the left to the right and from the right to the left while listening to a reggae music.
  5. BLUES : blues is purely for the whites and it has been sang within them for ages although the modernity in the world today and unification that the world now has through the united nation organization makes everyone keeps relating and uniting and has brought blues into the Africa society of today, part of Africa’s appreciate blues as the music of inspiration under song of moral that helps in sad mood, bad situation, and so on with blues there is life so as some Africans  will say.
  • Dedication : dedication is one vital thing one needs when it comes to learning the music because without dedication there wouldn’t be real assimilation and with one’s time,  one could win it to one side, dedication means a lot in music, music is setting of passion and action without it you can’t know it I’m so sorry to say that.
  • COMMITMENT : to be committed to music means to give your time, your passion,  your hours,  even money into learning it because you can’t just wake up one day or a bright morning and think that music you don’t learn or buy with your money will come into your head, so commitment really matters you have to pull all you can to it,  in order to get what you want out of the music.
  • KNOWING YOUR VOICE TYPE : knowing your voice type in music is like figuring out where you belongs, ask yourself how far have I gone or how often is my voice good to sing music,  all you need to know in music is it will be very well better when you know your voice type, am I the cracked one or the soft one,  or the sweet bird voice, just make sure you figure out before you bounce or page on doing anything.
  • SELECT A MENTOR : selecting a mentor is like trying to figure out one who sings well and one who you want to assimilate in your own type of singing or doing music, you know music is a game of passion and you play it according to the idea you have about it and this idea could be brought to you by figuring out one way sings normal or you want to imitate his or her voice, this may sometimes be popular artist or a local singer and it might be the church choir master or mistress from here if you can imitate them you start getting more idea about how the plan on using their voice anytime at anywhere.
  • PRACTICE HARD : practicing is one thing in music if you can’t practice there is no how you will know the music or you can learn it or putting up more practice will help cause the  rhythmic pattern some music take are  or might be a little bit complex and at the same time, some might be simple and easy, the best way to learn a music is to practice it well look at some re-occuring words in the music and commit it to head from this point you are getting to know better about a music, don’t Forget that it is until you learn and know a music that can help in singing it to people hearing for them to commend you.

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