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The purpose of writing this blog post is to save people from the danger that befall many citizens and people at night, there are different types of measures one needs to take, try not to be the only one that will read this post alone but try sharing it to family and friends, you don’t know how you might save someone’s life. Before we go into the real details of this post we will like to quickly go into some explanation that will give you guys the intense knowledge about the topic.


  • What is danger? danger is said to be an unplanned for occurrence that most time claim the life of an innocent.
  • What life ? life is said to be something of high importance which has no duplicate when shut off at once.
  • what is night ? night is the moment people enjoy the sweetness of their bed and the make love with their spouse, that is if you are married.  
  • Other definition of night? night can be defined as the moment when the bad people operate to do bad things that is against the balance of life.
For one to be save you have to  be very careful you don’t walk in he second night, try all your possible best that your night only meet you on your bed or with your family at night, many people put their life to danger of life by doing all sort of things that can get their life off their hands, don’t forget life does have duplicate nor has a legal tender to extends life deal, the moment one put himself to danger and die such person have done everything.
Preventive measure of Danger. 
  1. Don’t walk late at night : walking late at night can cause any form of danger, danger as we said to be unplanned for and can happen at any unplanned time, sometimes it might not going to be arm robber shooting, it might be wide animal attack or a know on the ground through a slippery materials. in other to be in a very safer mode and to be free from danger one has to be extra sensitive and cautious when walking at night, but try all possible best not to form the mid night habit because it is the moment when bad people also can carry out their evil deeds.
  2. Watch front when you are walking, should be in case anythings is happening : sometimes you might get busy at work and that have got you to come back home late, there isn’t  choice than to walk at night, what one has to do is keep to keep one heads up straight and be sensitive of the road, don’t just walk, walk with sense and make and be sensitive of the streets you pass.
  3. When you hear strange voice, RUN ! : there are many tricks and style one can use in saving himself or herself from the imminent danger that is ready to befall him/her, what such fellow needs to do if he/she hears a strange voice at night calling at him, be it with name or without name, such fellow needs to protect himself or herself by running as fast as possible, the earlier you start running the better you get saved. 
  4. Keep eye on corners at day time: believe this, one of the best way to be save from evil of the night is knowing all the possible corners in an area, should be in case there is gun-shot and you as a n innocent is just returning back from your dear business, knowing corners can really help one achieve the possible ways to safe, if at all it comes to worst with your sense of familiarity with the surrounding, you will have upper hand to get safe than one who never ever sensing the corners in that environment.
  5. Be sharp and smart when it comes to worse : this part is for both male and female, you have  to be fast when it has get to worst, if someone tries to steal your car at night and you are very sure it is you this fellow is following, you have to use system, throw the car key otherwise to your direction and run hard through the other direction, don’t stop until you get an hiding space, please be careful.
All these are just preventive measure that one can take, and taking possible preventive measures is always better than to get into deadly danger by the people of the night that can take off one’s life, the best way is to stay safe, because life is worth living, if one person die, such person has cause pain to some other people that might need him in life, so stay save.
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