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Patience is another virtue where one believes in the right course of action, and stay on it till it swiftly and gently emerge. Although being patience should not be in anyway take for being dumb, one is usually Patience because the end goal is what matter all the process are just by the way, like Niccolo Machivelli said “end justifies means”

All you have to repeat to yourself is “patience with all things but first of all, with yourself” because you really matter, without you there cannot be you.

Inspiration to be patience

1. Surely, like a thief in the night the unguarded are caught in the quagmire of life. You can’t afford such misfortune. Therefore, be guarded and wait on the Lord.

2. Indulgence! Oh, I’m winning; I’ve won or this whole thing is delayed. I can’t wait anymore. It won’t work or he won’t come. Ha, this little won’t kill! Self-gratification is a temptation we face in our work in one way or another. The Master-servant will come when no one expects Him.

3. Begin with the end in mind. Train your spirit, guide your thoughts; don’t ask in lust, and don’t be in a hurry. You can’t get what you are not ready for.

4. We all get a full measure of our trust. A pregnant woman expects and delivers a baby. Only a man of diligent pursuit becomes a proven work man. Whatever your purpose and calling is, it should be laid down in prayers and work hard to achieve them. God is sufficient.


5. Pray, listen intently and wait. Again, I say to

you, pray, listen intently and wait. Those who wait emerge victorious; those who make haste face destructive ends. Wait upon the Lord in prayer.

6. Patience is the first sign of inner stillness. It is a spirit-energised quality. It is an indwelling produced from absolute dependency on the Maker who knows best and gives the best at all times.

7. Patience is what you demonstrate when you have done all you should do. Sometimes, it is the grace to wait for answers, regardless of delay.

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