How Can I Believe in Myself?

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Believing In oneself is like you having faith towards something that probably scared many people away like competition, the consequence of believing in oneself is always of tremendous boom that will surprise the doer and even any peer around him will be very proud of what he or she as done. The coming out of someone with boldness to face a particular problem or

task that weighs you down.

One of the ways one can believe in himself is to be original, this a way of showing your real self and not the artificial being in you some people cannot for ones be authentic due to the kind of image they have drawn to themself, being original is also being actual in word and in telling people about your experience, don’t embellish any of the tale just be truthful, you don’t know who can come to your rescue with the way you do, being given oneself is a abstracts which a society must fully practice for  example their was a lady that has a very fatal disease, and unknown to her that thid person he works with is an herb man who knows much, even the herb that could cure that fatal disease, he has gone to many doctors and many hospitals but the consequences is always equals to nothing but because of the originality of this lady and not keeping her true self nor the pelroblem she is nurturing, the man came into her rescue and she live more long after.

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Being oneself is like making the world easy and making your character flexibile to people, let people know that this is who you are and not this, these are your principles and not like this, let people know if it suits you to bring people nearer or the cantankerous type, make people belief in you and not in a filthy form or manner, make your true image appears to people and try to make yourself a philanthropists who will always love Mankind and nature, always serve God and don’t fake anything out of your life, be original to more point.

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