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This refers to the only way by which various happenings or occurrence in the society are being taken care of. It is the way by which some happenings in the society which are also pleasant are being given adequate care of brought under control.

Most of these happenings are caused by careless attitude of human being. You know that won’t be peaceful society, various emergency managers must work hand in hand to prevent loss of lives and resources. This manager includes: the police, civil defence, road safety corps, fire brigade.


When you’re talking about emergency management we have some various things are types we have to talk about which includes : Accidents, fire, drowning, building, collapse, food, poisoning, fake drugs and others.

  1. AN  ACCIDENT : is a crash involving weather a car, train, plane or other vehicle. It can also be described as a sudden event that result in damage, injury or death. Accident  is common on the road  involving one or more vehicle and even man or animal on the road. Accident on the road may also be caused by over speeding, used on vehicle that is not road worthy and nonchalant attitude of driver on the road. Road accidents are common but if it occurs, it is usually very fatal. Plane crash may be as a result of technical fault from the engine of a plane or may be due to poor weather condition which may make an aircraft to get lost or the road in the air. There can be some minor accident at home which are otherwise called domestic accident. Road safety officers and traffic police officers are always on the road to control the movement of vehicles on the road, and to arrest and punish offenders who bypass the laws guiding the road.
  2. FIRE ACCIDENTS  : this can be described as flame and heat from something that is burning in an uncontrollable way. The fire outbreak both at home and at work place. It occurs through man action and inaction. Fire outbreak at workplace may be as a result of man’s carelessness or from the machines or equipment and at times, it may be due to electrical fault. Man at times set fire in the bush to kill bush animals. Fire brigade officers are always available to help people whenever there is fire outbreaks, fire extinguishers are also advised to put in strategic places both at home and work place to combat fire outbreak.
  3. DROWNING : this is a situation at which someone sink inside water which may result into death. This may occur at home, workplace or when one is travelling from one place to another through water transportation. It may happen at home if someone is in inside water tanker, well, swimming pool etc or when one is traveling on water when both capsized or shipwreck. The fire brigade officers, civil defence corps and police always help whenever there is any case of drowning.
  4.  FAKE DRUG :  a drug is declared fake if it does not meet the required standard. It is a situation in which valuable constituency of the drug is substitute for another substance in whole or part. This may make the drug to be less effective, lose value or expired before the actual time. Fake drugs are very common nowadays. The offenders are usually arrested by the various agency which are set aside to see to the issue of fake drugs abuse or production.
  5. BUILDING COLLAPSE : this is situation in which building under construction or building that people are already living in collapse suddenly. This is the mostly story building. Building collapse always lead to loss of lives and property. Building collapse is mostly due to the use of standard building materials or by the use of unqualified building techniques and technicians or building contractors. Fire brigade officers and civil defence corps may be contacted if there is any case of building collapse.
  •  The case must be reported to the appropriate authority for quick action. 
  • The agencies that are set aside for emergency management should always be ready at any time to face their task that are said to be done by them in any time of trouble or when an emergency comes up. 
  • In most time that the injuries sustained by the victim of an emergency. Such a person should be giving first aid as the first idea that comes to everyone in order to kill the real pain for sometimes in case of road accident before taking them to the nearest hospital for proper care
  • It is always better to contact the nearest media houses through them one could let the agencies that are responsible for the road emergency management to quickly realise their work and what needs to be done  and where exactly they need to visit as the scene of the happening
  • Also, online report or text message can be sent to the appropriate authority concerning the incident during the nature, location and time the incident occur. 
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