Difference Between Talent and Gift

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Gift and talent to be candid are believed to be the same thing but to some philosophy, it is totally wrong, let not get this wrong people misuse gift for talent or talent for gift, this are to one extext the same but not totally, a philosophy says gift is an inbuilt

ability, and some argue against it for now let us analyze according to this philosophy.

Gift according to British dictionary is “SOMETHING GIVEN TO ANOTHER VOLUNTARILY, WITHOUT CHARGE” I.e according to dictionary it is said to be given freely by nature, but the argument is that gift and talent is different in that there is always potential between gift and talent, talent in this context can be used exchangeably to means an unlock potential.

Let for instance the economic production process work as this


So for this work in a way whereby the preproduction process is the inception and the commencement of all other production process, after that you move closely to the production which is where the main magic happens before moving to the final production process which is post-production and here is the level everything about the product has been realize and ready for sale or consumption so as the process of the subject matter which goes viz:

Not to complicate the matter gift is what you get from nature while potential is the bridge between the two, any unlock potential is your gift not talent while talent is that potential that has been unlocked, it is at that time you realizes that so I can do this things.


An epitome a little boy that knows how to speak very well from childhood, I.E that kind of child has gift but foreshadowing his future he is either to become a public speaker or to be precise lawyer, but their is a potential he or she has to unlock before getting there and the only potential for him is to take formal education and train on that field, after some year he stated winning case and then he will realize that he got a talent, though it is in built but as at then it hasn’t manufacture into the lime light of which is it to be in future.

Generalization here is that gift is natural while talent is an idea of unlocking potential, the amount of potential lock tells one the types and useful ness of his talent.

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