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Content is said to be the amount of the sense writings put up together to form a text or write-up, some content are very poor that means it is not conveying what it is to convey or does not have the necessary things that makes the topic, but reversal is the case when we talk about good content, good content brings reader more

closer to the mind of the reader I. e the reader partakes in the mind of the writer.

Content also refers to the manner or objectiveness about a particular topic one is treating, it is said to be the ingredient of the write-up or essay, as you have know, the content contains facts and opinions put together by the writer for the purpose of good reader experience, the reader then add more opinions to the content in the name of forming out his or her own generalization.

When dealing with the content of a write up or an essay one has to :

  • Understands the topic itself
  • How to approach it
  • Possible questions that will aid good user experience of the content.
  • The content creator should have a lot of original fact about the topic he want to discuss
  • He should try knowing all branches of the topic for proper description
When creating a content, there should be what I called content validity I. e it must have enough coverage.
in organizing content for essay or write-up one has to read a lot, one should know the kind of content one is creating, is it descriptive, argumentative or informative and it may be educating/entertaining,
  • You should be able to put In well examine features. As it will be see later on, don’t forget any type of content you are creating has it own features.
  • Let your point be in paragraph to aid good and  well established content
However on creating a content, it is very vital and imperative of having good paragraph system, because it aids easy navigation of a writers word, good paragraphing score credit unlike the whole long-winding, unwieldy and sprawling, paragraph apart from presenting the writer’s work in an ugly way, muddles points and this produce bad user experience despite the time a writers has waste on his write up.
Paragraphs must always be in a moderate form not too much long or very short, consider this:
  • One you yourself feels this paragraph is okay by you
  • Try checking all series of readers I. e consider in mind who and what kind of people will read this content
For appropriation :
  • Organize your thought in a systematic way. Put the first and what have to come last has last, your content then have lose appropriation when you let the reader to realize that this writer has forgotten some of the point he want to stress, they feel that your content is inferior and you are only trying to find a way to move into the resolution of the content.
  • For appropriation sake, it is very advisable to one aspect of your fact in the first paragraph of the content.
  • The whole content you are creating should show unity, coherence and balance
  • All paragraphs of your content should carries vital meaning which the concluding paragraph  review in the end, so,  for this, you must have a suitable concluding paragraph.
  • It is very important when writing your content to go in the sequential and chronological method, it aids good settings and better plot.
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