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 Keeping one environment is an act of abstaining from dirt and possible disease, disease can be anything, it could come in through stagnant water or through much dirt in a place, all in one disease is what one should not let stay in the society for societal good.
This post is on public health, when i say public health, I mean the way o enlighten people on the strategies to keep the environment intact, for the environment is one home, it dictate the way people think of you and how often will they like to come around that area to greet either you or for visitation.
As you are reading, you might be thinking that what value has the society add to me and for what value should i help in the health re-programming of my society, please have this orientation that change doesn’t happen in a day, it is a gradual process of which might even take long time to figure out, my dear brother, let it begins from you, keep the society clean should not just be the way to say things out, please try putting a little actions up because the ancient Rome wasn’t build in a day.
By now you should be interested in the development of your society, the develop as determined is starting, but what? You don’t know how to go about it? Now let me give you some best ways you can go about with it.
YOU HAVE TO BE WATCHFUL ON YOUR PART : There is an old saying that do your best and leave the rest, doing your best won’t get you killed or take anything from you, if all hands are not on desk then the societal matter will keep crumbling and slowing down to the lowest volume and if this is the order of the day then i will say that you have no society at all, doing your own part means taking care of what you can even when no-one sees you, after all when no man watches your back the almighty one who can also help you sees you, but at least do your part by picking dirt on that you know at that moment you can, it’s all for societal benefit, don’t forget that some people call you by the name of that society why then cant you give them good imagery that could match up with the name you are called, one more time, do your best.

ORGANIZE  ENLIGHTENMENT PROGRAMME : Organizing programmed is an act of enlightening  people on what good will come out of the society if it is place intact and what evil could befall it if is it is taken care of, organizing program like this can really help the society in all matters and fact, it will make he citizens be scared of possible disease and how happy they will be if they can make it well placed , please make sure you add value to society, not to rubbish the existing one.

BE THERE FOR YOUR SOCIETY IN ANY HEALTH MATTER :  some health organizations might have come around to give some free health care services to people staying in your area, the thing is be helpful in any actions and deeds you take, life is give and take, you don’t have to ruin the fact that you must help some people for others to also help you to in he future or the nearest future to come, i bet you if you kept on doing societal good, as you are taking care of people you are also helping yourself


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