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To do business is to think of putting one to one or leading one thing to another to bring profit or income, but before I move far on the analysis of this topic, what is business and how cannot be established or if had been established how can it be maintain for sustainty, Business can be said to be any activities ventured in in other to earn a living out of it, though business is also
divided into two main general part I.e the dubious business (illegal) and the normal fair-play business (legal) though what we are talking about through this post is all about the later and not the former, business is mend to bring profit, any business that is not making some cash it is not making sense, because the real sense is to get something out of the hard earn work done, now let me give you the factors and the strategy to be which a good business could be established an could be sustain.


1. Carry out research both internal and external : research is the act of preparing unfrustrating question which is meant to be answered by the general audience of that individual or fellow, the purpose of research in the life of any business can never be spoke softly of, research is the act of knowing what the people which I will best say is your audience have in mind, what they think about your product and to what extent you will sell or make profit on any type of business scale you are using be it small or the large scaling style, research is number must be number 1 when doing a business, research sustain the life of a business and also revive the life the dead ones either ways it is good that you are reading this post as it will be very easy for you in your research process, mind you don’t think because I said you have to research, so you went on street and start asking question which will not beg questions in any sense, research is doing proper research I.e the act of knowing your audience and researching on them, to research is to get good equipment and tools for the research process, after researching I can bet you that you will know what and where to locate your business that is if you are just getting started but for you that you are already in the business, I will tell you that your best way for sustaining is making or doing research, I mean making as by employing an outsider who knows more about your audience to do it for you or doing by you organizing your theme yourself to counter the current situation.

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2. Be strong in heart : starting up a business is not as useful as sustaining it, the maintenance of a business relies on the capability of ones heart, if you have a very strong heart or what I will call a heart of stone in business, you can always make your way through, perseverance matters in everything in life so as one needs to have STNG heart cause there will be some particular moment in time when loss comes in, my advice for you is that you just have to make things work out well because doing business is also an act of taking risk, so is just that understanding the kind of risk to which one takes ranges in many person, to cut the long thing short try as much as possible to be strong in heart against the summer time of your business because the winter will come when you will enjoy what it is to he enjoy I.e the fruit of your business.

3. HAVE MORE PASSION : these is mainly directed to those that already have their business, I will tell you more passion is what you need for more profit and to aim at your goal, the highest degree of everyone in business is to acquire or get to his/her highest point of which is his/her goal for success, life has been so dynamic that many that start a business never put more passion on it again and the more your passion decline the more your profit decline.

4. Give more than you pitch : try your possible best not to fall victim of the bragging type some people can brag on very little victory to the extends that they spoil the joy that is about to come for the organization, remove yourself from the pitch lane and embrace the good armour of humility which is another strategic plan in making or getting it in business, business as the word sound bizzzz means your brain has to be very busy giving out strategy to counter current situation and to embrace future problems, Tomison might establish a business of selling rice and stew but whenever customers come to her, she picth more than she gives, this is a strategy of making some more reasonable customers stays but at the same time could dissuade a new buyer for her, so for you to be on the righteous part of the business and gain more yo have to do more, because noise isn’t music but just a whole of blabbing.

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5. Know the right marketing strategy : knowing the right marketing strategy is knowing what brings in profit, then how can you know, their are many ways to know if you can figure it out by yourself, the righteous aspect of a business is you knowing the right thing to do by meeting your competitors, knowing their strategy and best way to counter them.

6. Advertising : this is said to be the act of creating awareness in the mind of your audience and also it is a paid form of non personal presentation by an identifiable sponsor, the more you advertise the more your business is known by people and the more you get profit over by receiving visitors and customer, advert is one of the leading code of the game but at least let your product also advertising friendly.


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